From the Editor (June 2014)

[From the Editor]

Get Happy!

By Michelle Wood


Welcome to the Happiness issue of Yang Sheng Magazine! It’s full-bloom summertime here in the northern hemisphere, and these longer days certainly contribute to our overall happiness, not to mention getting out into the sun enhances your Vitamin D levels for a healthier, happier you!

We begin this issue with “20 Habits to Make You Happy – Guaranteed!” with great practices such as “take care of yourself,” “practice forgiveness,” and my favorite “do what you love!” The Happiness In Your Life column offers an agreement you can make with yourself, ways you can set the intentions and make the choices to be happy!

Your body will be happy when you practice the simple and easy but very effective Do-In movements described in “Happy Body.” You will find more fine movements of a taiji flavor in “Taiji: A New Foundation.”

happy joyOur Dancing Doc “clowns around” this month with an article on humor, and in Tales of the Dao we offer a playful story about fish! Illuminating the Dao column also explores the idea of happiness by letting go of attachments.

As always, Seasonal Harmony presents you with ideas on living in harmony with Nature and the season, and includes fabulous recipes and food suggestions to enable you to do just that!

Scientific Qi Exploration gives information on the Extraordinary Meridians this month, and Research Update reports on the newest reports on the role happiness plays in health and wellness.

Our Feature Article this month offers 7 Secrets for happiness from a surf-happy couple in Hawaii! It’s a very humorous column on how to have Happy Qi!

I know you will enjoy this issue! There’s too much fun here not to!

Have a safe and happy Summer!


Many Blessings,



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