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Seasonal Harmony – What’s Your Food’s Nature?

[Seasonal Harmony] By Ellasara Kling Last issue we talked a little bit about the flavors of foods and some of the effects that those flavors have on the function of the various organ systems. Also based on Five Element Theory … Continue reading

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The Powers of the Universe – How does this relate to Qigong?

By Timothy Booth What are the Powers of the Universe according to the latest research and how do they relate to our practice of Qigong? This is based on an article that I recently read by Brian Swimme, in which … Continue reading

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Tai Chi or Simple Non-Strenuous Qigong for Health: Which Should You Study?

Martin Eisen, Ph.D. Tai Chi has increased in popularity in the western world.  It often appears in the background of advertisements of unrelated products.  It is recommended for seniors and by the American Arthritis Society, which has its own simplified … Continue reading

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Book Review-The Way of Energy

The Way of Energy: Mastering the Chinese Art of Internal Strength with Chi Kung Exercise Master Lam Kam Chuen Softcover 191 pp. Published by Simon & Schuster 1991 ISBN:  0-671-73645-0 Reviewed by Salvatore Casano Ph.D. R.N.This well done book on … Continue reading

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The Healer is the Spirit Being Within…

By Sifu Cindy Cicero Is it possible that the healer within is a spirit being that inhabits our human host body?  If this is possible, could this healer within be the one that exists beyond the body?  Or is it … Continue reading

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The Miracle of Self-Initiated Healing

The Miracle of Self-Initiated Healing adapted from The Healer Within by Roger Jahnke, OMD In the amazing universe of Mind-Body Practice and Energy-Based Healing methodologies, there is one very profound bit of information that turns on our sense of the … Continue reading

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Scientific Qi Exploration – Taiji

Are You Really Studying Tai Chi and Is It Effective for Stress? Martin Eisen, Ph.D. 1.  What is Classical Tai Chi (Taiji)? Only the Yang style will be discussed.  However, similar types of training were used in other classical styles … Continue reading

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Mind-Body Medicine Research Update

Mind-Body Medicine Research Update . The effect of breathing exercises on the fatigue levels of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Acta Med Indones. 2011; 43(1):29-33. By Zakerimoghadam M, Tavasoli K, Nejad AK, Khoshkesht S.  from  Tehran University of Medical … Continue reading

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Qigong and Stress (2)

 Qigong for Stress Management Martin Eisen, Ph.D. 1.  Definitions of Qigong “Qi” is the Chinese word for “life energy.”  It is also the life energy sensed in nature.  “Gong” means “work” or “benefits” gained through perseverant training.  Thus, a common … Continue reading

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Qigong and Stress (1)

Understanding  Stress Martin Eisen, Ph.D. Before reviewing Qigong and Tai Chi research in stress and its consequences, the definition of stress, its effects, and some treatments will be discussed. 1.  Introduction to Stress Forces or stressors from the outside world … Continue reading

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