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What is Yoga? Yoga Therapy?

What is Yoga?  Yoga Therapy? by Martin Eisen Most people have erroneous ideas about classical Yoga. Yoga was a spiritual discipline. There were moral precepts and prohibitions that disciples had to follow. In addition, there could be dietary restrictions. Yoga … Continue reading

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Tai Chi or Simple Non-Strenuous Qigong for Health: Which Should You Study?

Martin Eisen, Ph.D. Tai Chi has increased in popularity in the western world.  It often appears in the background of advertisements of unrelated products.  It is recommended for seniors and by the American Arthritis Society, which has its own simplified … Continue reading

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Scientific Qi Exploration – Taiji

Are You Really Studying Tai Chi and Is It Effective for Stress? Martin Eisen, Ph.D. 1.  What is Classical Tai Chi (Taiji)? Only the Yang style will be discussed.  However, similar types of training were used in other classical styles … Continue reading

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