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Mind-Body Medicine Research Update

[Research Update] Compiled By Kevin Chen Advantage of meditation over exercise in reducing cold and flu illness is related to improved function and quality of life.  Influenza Other Respi Viruses. 2012 Nov 21. By Obasi CN, Brown R, Ewers T, et al. from Dept of Family Medicine, … Continue reading

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Daily Daoist – Tai Chi: Got Gong

[Daily Daoist] Tai Chi: Got Gong? Jessice Sommar, MSc Tai chi is like any art, sport or devotion – the more you do it, the more you build up what the Chinese call ‘gong’ or ‘benefit from work.’ We don’t … Continue reading

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The Healer is the Spirit Being Within…

By Sifu Cindy Cicero Is it possible that the healer within is a spirit being that inhabits our human host body?  If this is possible, could this healer within be the one that exists beyond the body?  Or is it … Continue reading

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Qigong for Seniors

Living Better, Living Longer, Living Happier By Cindy A. Borgonzi It’s my belief that all education and exercise needs to be fun and uplifting, because all the good energy stays with us all day and boots our outlook on life. … Continue reading

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The Level of Shen in Taijiquan

From the Master The Level of Shen in Taijiquan By Chun Man Sit Shen is the highest level in the art of Taijiquan. But one needs not wait for another 20 years to start traveling on this path. All Taiji … Continue reading

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From the Master

went to Kripalu Yoga Center the day after Thanksgiving and had a wonderful workshop with an intellectual, open, and fun group. Toward the end of the workshop, a participant asked me, “Where is the Taiji routine I was supposed to learn in this workshop?” I told her that I did not t Continue reading

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