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To Eat or Not? How Daoists Classify Food

[Learn About the Dao 学道] To Eat or Not? How Daoists Classify Food (1) Livia Kohn, PhD (1) From Livia Kohn, Daoist Dietetics: Food for Immortality (Dunedin, Fla.: Three Pines Press, 2010).   In traditional China, certain foods were seen … Continue reading

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Contribution of Daoist Yangsheng Philosophy to Modern Self-Care Movement

This essay looks into the modern self-care movement today, and at the ways Yangsheng philosophy can be of great help to those who are looking to improve their lifestyle, those looking to achieve better health and longer life, and most importantly those looking to achieve a level of balance and harmony within themselves and the environment they live in. Continue reading

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Daily Daoist – Tai Chi: Got Gong

[Daily Daoist] Tai Chi: Got Gong? Jessice Sommar, MSc Tai chi is like any art, sport or devotion – the more you do it, the more you build up what the Chinese call ‘gong’ or ‘benefit from work.’ We don’t … Continue reading

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From The Master – Reflections on The Chinese and Mexican Calendars

            From The Master Reflections on The Chinese and Mexican Calendars Kenneth Cohen            China and Mexico are the only ancient cultures in the world that have a two-part calendrical system. In … Continue reading

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Hearing of An Immortal

[Tales from the Dao] Hearing of An Immortal (An Excerpt From The Zhuangzi) Submitted by Solala Towler   Daoist texts are full of stories about Immortals. They are said to live for hundreds of years. They are magical beings, able … Continue reading

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From Dr. Love-The Embodiment of Mind and Spirit

The Embodiment of Mind and Spirit in Chinese Qigong and Philosophy by George Xavier Love, OMD According to classical Chinese medical thought, fluids and energies constitute the body and are especially stored in the bones and internal organs. The mind … Continue reading

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From the Master-Daoist Internal Alchemy

Daoist Internal Alchemy: A Deep Language for Communicating with Nature’s Intelligence, Part 1 Alchemy Formulas, Qi Field & Language Theory by Michael Winn When I was first initiated into Daoist Qigong and internal alchemy, nei dan practice, twenty years ago, … Continue reading

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