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From the Master-Daoist Internal Alchemy

Daoist Internal Alchemy: A Deep Language for Communicating with Nature’s Intelligence, Part 1 Alchemy Formulas, Qi Field & Language Theory by Michael Winn When I was first initiated into Daoist Qigong and internal alchemy, nei dan practice, twenty years ago, … Continue reading

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Illuminating the Dao – Happiness Creates Health

Happiness Creates Health By Michelle Wood If you follow the field of alternative wellness – and if you are reading Yang Sheng I’m sure you do! -you know that strong, scientific evidence is building in favor of fostering emotional well-being … Continue reading

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Wisdom from the Dao De Jing

Wisdom From the Dao De Jing (interpretation by Solala Towler) The highest sage is like water. Water benefits the ten thousand beings Yet contends with no one. It flows in places that people reject. In this way it is close … Continue reading

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