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Illuminating the Dao – Happiness Creates Health

Happiness Creates Health By Michelle Wood If you follow the field of alternative wellness – and if you are reading Yang Sheng I’m sure you do! -you know that strong, scientific evidence is building in favor of fostering emotional well-being … Continue reading

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Illuminate the Dao — Be What You Want to See

Be What You Want To See by Michelle Wood This video link in today’s article is an integral part of the theme. I hope you will take about five minutes to watch it before reading the rest of the column. … Continue reading

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Soul Salon

Respond to the “Dow” with the “Dao” Rena M. Rease The Dao De Jing may be the oldest spiritual document known to man. The title translates to “The Way” and it contains 81 short verses that lend insight into the … Continue reading

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