Wisdom from the Dao De Jing

Wisdom From the Dao De Jing

(interpretation by Solala Towler)

The highest sage is like water.
Water benefits the ten thousand beings
Yet contends with no one.
It flows in places that people reject.
In this way it is close to the Dao.
In her dwelling the sage values the earth,
In her spirit she values
The qualities of a deep pool.
In her dealings with others
She values human kindness and benevolence.
In her speech she values truthfulness.
In leading others she values fairness and peace.
In serving others she values effectiveness.
In her actions she values proper timing.
Because she does not go against nature
She is free from blame. (8)

Under heaven there is nothing more yielding
and soft than water.
Yet for attacking what is hard and stiff
There is nothing better.
In this way, the weak can vanquish the strong
And the soft can overcome the hard.
Under heaven, there is no one who does not know this,
Yet no one practices it. (78)

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