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Happy Body — Do In

[Method of Self-Healing 自愈法 ] Happy Body — Do-In by Lilian Kluivers Do-In, a form of Dao Yin that is further developed in Japan, is a system of exercises that promotes our energy flow. Do-In combines meridian stretching with meditative … Continue reading

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Incredible Stress Release: The Ice, Water, Gas Method

[Experience Exchange] The Incredible Stress Release: The Ice, Water, Gas Method by R. Melvin McKenzie Introduction The rejuvenation experienced by your body is accomplished by a daily (or minimum three times a week) commitment to a routine that practically anyone—despite … Continue reading

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The Healer is the Spirit Being Within…

By Sifu Cindy Cicero Is it possible that the healer within is a spirit being that inhabits our human host body?  If this is possible, could this healer within be the one that exists beyond the body?  Or is it … Continue reading

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