Healer Within and Self-Healing Issue

[From the Editor  编者的话] 

Welcome to Healer Within and Self-Healing Issue

Michelle Wood

MichelleWelcome to the second issue of Yang-Sheng magazine in 2015!  with the theme of “Healer Within and Self-Healing.”  You may have noticed that we were significantly late in publishing this issue due to technical and new-personal difficulties.   To reduce pressure from everyone, we decide to name this issue as May/June so that we can all work in a normal schedule from now on.  I would like to formally welcome our new layout editor, Ms. JianHong Li, to our editorial team!  Because of her we now have PDF and flip-book versions again.

As always, we bring you many fine articles by well-respected and knowledgeable members of the Chinese Medicine and Mind-Body Healing community around the world. We know you will greatly enjoy and receive much benefit from this issue of Yang-Sheng.

For the body, we have articles by Lilian Kluivers with some gentle stretching, Ellasara Kling who always gifts us with delicious and nutritious recipes using foods in Seasonal Harmony, Marty Eisen PhD with “Scientific Qi Exploration,” Kevin Chen PhD with Research Updates, and Raven Cohen on the importance of foot health and balance.

Mindful articles include Dr. Roger Jahnke’s “Miracle of Breath.” Also, “Basic Literacy of Chinese Citizen in TCM Yang-Sheng and Well-Being” translated by Dr. Chen lists many teachings and techniques to achieve mind-body wellness.  Keep it in mind that this is an official Chinese government document to encourage citizens to take acre of themselves with specific guideline and instruction (hard to imagine such a view and circumstance from outside of China).

Your spirit will smile while enjoying the Renga poem by Rene Novarro and Nadine Sareal, and articles by Dennis Alexander about our connection to Nature, as well as Brian Griffith’s writing about womens’ spirituality in China. Let your spirit soar with the Phoenix in Lauri Amidon’s review of “Riding the Phoenix to Penglai,” two sets of poems by a female Taoist Adept, Sun Bu-Er  by Jill Gonet.from_the_editor_2


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