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Chi Energy and Happiness…
What’s so perfect about the pursuit of happiness?

by Sifu Cindy Cicero

Well the first thing we know is that we are mortal beings that have needs and wants.  So it stands to reason that we are not perfect.  However we do try to be perfect in all kinds of ways and one of those ways is through the pursuit of happiness.

We try to be perfect in our pursuit with books, seminars or experiences to learn how to handle the pressures of acquiring happiness.  Most of the time, we end up with a delightful diversion from our endeavor.  Some people find that for a season they can control their emotional stability when in pursuit of happiness; then when that season ends the stability starts to fluctuate.

During the pursuit of happiness our best and worst traits show up and sometimes they become too emotionally hot to handle.  This occurs when happiness never quite comes to fruition. Or the desire of happiness constantly needs to be shored up or when it is obtained and then threatened to be taken away.   What occurs is an emotional roller coaster ride through the journey to acquire happiness.

Some feel that the pursuit of happiness drives the human race.  They feel that strong or extreme emotions are the way to find happiness. Perhaps the premise is that without this type of drive one would only aimlessly flounder.  How could commercialism stand alone without the drive of happiness?  Doesn’t it make the world go round?

There is no doubt that people can pursue happiness and ride the emotional fluctuations.  Some do quite well creating temporary short and long term successes.  However most of us create or attract some kind of drama, strife or illness along the way that hampers our journey.

So “what is so perfect about the pursuit of happiness?”  How can one go through life while pursuing happiness in a balanced way before becoming exhausted and never to enjoy the fruits?

Perhaps there is a way to enjoy the pursuit of happiness with longer lasting satisfaction.  At the School of Chi Energy Heals, we know that building high amounts of bio-energy in the body creates a hormonal flow that amplifies or intensifies emotions.

The instruction teaches an excellent method to stabilize the mind and body as the demands increase during the building of high level chi.  The method is uniquely specialized and I personally found none other like it.  It is called the Tri-concept.

The Tri-concept teaches the student how to build extreme amounts of bio-energy in the body with a good feeling and cool energy while using a form.  Many can learn this method and stay within a moderate range of emotional stability.  So when stress levels go up and hormones are about to inflame the body, the Tri-concept of good feeling and cool energy engages.   This teaches the body and mind a relaxation response to new stress levels.

This bio-energy training teaches the individual how to maintain emotional stability in the high 90 percent range.  The body and mind adapts to handle higher amounts of stress levels while keeping calm and relaxed.   Your creativity and energy will last the day through by developing a sensitive skill to vary precise amounts of bio-energy.  This extreme sensitivity ability allows you to pursue happiness without wearing down the mind and body.

You can see why I’m very happy to share this with you.  Everything in life changes with this Chi Energy method of training.  For it is possible to buildup high amounts of bio-energy while maintaining emotional stability proportional to greater stress levels.  Greater amounts of “chi” can bring extraordinary achievements in life.  I’ve tried many other excellent energy systems using some of them up to 12 years until I literally fell across this modest yet professional chi energy system.

The method allows the “stress” to be built up in a hormonally balanced way.  Students of this training have their body respond to the stress build up with the release of serotonin which is the good feeling hormone.  Students learn to use the bio-energy forms to release the serotonin through the blood stream.  This in turn releases natural killer cells keeping the body from harmful internal invaders.   It’s a scientific fact that the body only produces NKC while in a good feeling mood. (

Basically, the chemically driven body stabilizes to proportionally higher amounts of stress without experiencing the negative side effects.  Students enjoy a healthy immune system, more energy, creativity and a powerful new version of themselves.

You’ll feel exceptionally good natured and will influence everyone around you because of your calm and cool energetic disposition.  Even when others are not feeling so good you’ll take the lead and bring them up to your good feeling and cool emotional state.  This is exactly what students will learn.  When bio-energy is used correctly it becomes the great equalizer in all relationships.  Students in the medical and holistic field find this method allows them to stay in their energy field (on their game).   They learn how the bio-energy can be used to avoid being drained from the energetic needs from their clients.  They become able to give more while staying relaxed and cool.

When one begins this chi training it all seems so counter intuitive.  Why?  Because the training does not require the analytical mind to buildup the chi.  Also, the outside world always demands proof before the experience.  And yet the physical proof that bio-energy exists, is all around you.  There are those who know quite well that this bio-energy can be built up to high levels then used to influence the human experience.  However to teach this method effectively and safely to the public is what our School of Chi Energy Heals can do best.

You’ll first learn how to buildup bio-energy in a form.  This is done by guiding the form through the body’s nerve fibers.  This builds an even amount of pressure and density so the bio-energy has enough power to create a physical effect.  One of the many beneficial physical effects from the chi is the clearing out of toxins at a cellular level by activating the sodium potassium pump resulting in more life giving bio-energy. (

The Chi Energy is built up in the body with low impact aerobic bio-energy exercises that are easy to learn.   These types of specially designed bio-energy exercises avoid the head area where the glands are especially sensitive to high amounts of energy produced with this type buildup.

In this system, the hormones need to be balanced in a moderate range while building high levels of chi.  Chi or bio-energy is like electricity and intensifying hormones produce a “heat” which causes a wide range of fluctuations. That is why classes are provided to explain how Quantum physics supports the microcosmic world of bio-energy which are subatomic particles that are electromagnetic in nature.  It is this is bio-electrical network which provides a pure communication from the mind to the body’s vital systems. (

Students will enjoy beginning classes to test this bio-energy being built up in their body.  Some of these one to two minutes exercises are telekinesis (moving a straw through a clear container with bio-energy), remote viewing (seeing objects through containers or feeling another through a solid object like a door) and extreme abilities (like bending a spoon).  This is all done with a good feeling and cool bio-energy. Reference mp3 download on telekinesis (

Best of all students have the benefit of those that have gone before them being able to discuss their training with experienced certified instructors.  Mentoring assists the student to hone down and fine tune this extreme buildup of chi achieving the best practices of this professional training.

So what’s so perfect about the pursuit of happiness?  It’s the personal choice to go through the moments of your life the way you want to feel.  If you desire to feel good while having a large sphere of energetic influence while pursing your happiness, then visit us at the School of Chi Energy Heals and check out our course curriculum.

[Cindy Cicero is a teacher and instructor skilled in the art of Chi Energy Heals bio-energy training.  She is the Director of Operations for the Online School of Chi Energy Heals and in business since 1998.  Certified Chi Energy Heals Instructor & Bio-Energy Healer for Sifu Jones’ Online Alternative Bio-Energy Health and Healing School.  A  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditation teacher who has studied under doctors Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Dr. Jeff Brantley of Duke University’s Center for Integrative Medicine.  Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork by the International Oriental Bodywork Association and licensed in the state of North Carolina;  Certified as a Spring Forest Qigong Healer and Teacher; Certified as a Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist in the Kripalu Yogic Healing Tradition; Certified in the Eastern Institute of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy; Member of the Rhine Center Parapsychology Center; Member & volunteer on the Board of Directors for the Qigong Institute ]
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