From the Editor

From the Editor

Welcome to the September issue of Yang-Sheng! It is my pleasure to introduce  this issue as the new editor-in-chief of Yang-Sheng.  Many thanks to Solala Towler, for doing a wonderful job  as Yang Sheng‘s previous editor-in chief, and  for recommended to Kevin Chen that I step into this role. Our theme for this issue  is “secrets of longevity.” This subject becomes less academic and more personal,  very personal for us, as we grow older.  If we like our lives, we want to extend  them, to live longer. However, longevity is more than just extending our lives. It is  adding quality of experience, good health and well-being to those extra years.  Having a healthy, strong and flexible body; a clear mind; retaining or restoring our  youthful zest and passion for life; having joie de vivre, joy of living, is the essence  of the real “secrets of longevity.”

Qigong came into my life as a way to heal from injuries, the result of an auto accident. Trying to escape for a  few quiet minutes and build up my energy to deal with the chronic pain and endless visits to the doctor’s  office that had become my life; one day, I was hiding out in a bookstore …did I mention that I have somewhat  of an addiction to books? I was browsing among the section of books on eastern wisdom and a book on  qigong fell off the shelf and landed on my foot! Although I did yoga and had followed a daily meditation
practice since I was a teenager, I had never heard of qigong before. I picked up that book! Even I can  recognize a gift from the universe when it lands on my foot! What I learned led to a more in depth study of  qigong and then developing a daily practice that led to my recovery.

Back then, I never  thought of the longevity, the anti-aging benefits of practicing qigong every day.  Qigong  and living a Yang Sheng type lifestyle gave be back my body, free of pain; gave me back my life.  Just not  being in pain was miracle enough! Now, here I am, 20 years later, a senior citizen, the elder generation in my
family and a great-grandmother – and I feel even better than I did before that auto accident. I feel like I did  when I was  twenty years old! Another miracle? Well yes, but its also simply the natural unfolding of what happens when we just do the practice.

As more and more scientific research becomes available on the mechanisms of retaining health and vitality  while extending our normal human lifespan to advanced old age; following the teachings of the ancient  Chinese masters is revealed as an important key to the secrets of longevity. In the parables of the old sages;  meditation techniques; Qi practices; and dietary guidelines lies hidden the fountain of youth.

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We have many articles in this issue presenting various “secrets of longevity” including the life nurturing  regimen of a centenarian; Dr. Deepak Chopra‘s 7 secrets to grow younger, live longer; selected secrets and  maxims of longevity translated by Kevin Chen; a special excerpt on longevity and immortality from The  Healing Promise of Qi by Dr. Roger Jahnke; exploring the key to long life with Michelle Wood; Phoenix Liu,  Ph.D., shares the storey of her mother and the secrets of the world’s longest lived people and our TCM  nutrition doctor, Dr. Helen Hu has some special recipes for Eight Treasure Longevity Congee. With gratitude  and appreciation to our contributors and our growing number of readers, our Yang Sheng community;  I hope  you enjoy this issue…please share it with your friends.

Follow the daily practice that is just right for you. Just do it— and expect a miracle!

Rebecca Kali

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About Rebecca Kali

Rebecca Kali – has been involved with meditation, qigong and other mind-body practices for over 40 years. She is founder of Dao of Well-Being™ and a passionate teacher, dedicated to integrating ancient and modern ways to create peace, balance, and happiness, nurture life and cultivate good health, vitality and well-being at any age. Ms Kali is the former Executive Director of the National Qigong Association, and the founding director of Qigong Alliance International (, a global community with members from over 50 countries. She is a certified Medical Qigong and Daoist Qigong instructor. Her practice of qigong, a path to healing after an auto accident, led to developing a qigong program to help those with chronic pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia to regain a symptom free, active, lifestyle. Ms Kali leads workshops and retreats in the U.S. and tours to China and Tibet. For more information about Ms Kali, please visit: and
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