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Selected Secrets and Maxims of Longevity by Famous Chinese

Lao-tzu lived to be 160 years old. He had three treasures to support attaining longevity: kindness, thriftiness, and modesty. His longevity maxim was: “Let nature take its course; remain detached and lower your desire; apply qigong to nurture your spirit, and swallow saliva to nurture your life.” (顺其自然;恬然寡欲;气功养神;咽津养生) Continue reading

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From the Editor

Welcome to the September issue of Yang Sheng! It is my pleasure to introduce this issue as the new editor-in-chief of Yang-Sheng. Many thanks to Solala Towler, for doing a wonderful job as Yang Sheng‘s previous editor-in chief, and for recommended to Kevin Chen that I step into this role. Our theme for this issue is “secrets of longevity.” This subject becomes less academic and more personal, very personal for us, as we grow older. If we like our lives, we want to extend them, to live longer. However, longevity is more than just extending our lives. Continue reading

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The Story of My Mother and The Secrets of the World’s Longest-lived Peoples

by Phoenix Liu, Ph.D. My mother celebrated her 85th birthday in August. When I visited her in Taiwan this summer, I found that she always looked cheerful whenever she worked in her beloved garden, cooked a favorite meal in the … Continue reading

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