Selected Secrets and Maxims of Longevity by Famous Chinese


Translated by Kevin W Chen, Ph.D.

Lao-tzu lived to be 160 years old. He had three treasures to support attaining longevity: kindness, thriftiness, and modesty. His longevity maxim was: “Let nature take its course; remain detached and lower your desire; apply qigong to nurture your spirit, and swallow saliva to nurture your life.” (顺其自然;恬然寡欲;气功养神;咽津养生)

Chen Xinxianlived to be 100 years old. His maxim was “Five do nots— do not sit too long, do not stand too long, do not look too long, do not write too long, and do not lie down too long.” He advocated that everything must have a limit, to exercise with a limit, and to eat with a limit. (五个不不久坐、不久立、不久视、不久写、不久卧”。他主张一切要有度,运动要有度,饮食也要有度.)

Zhang Qun, (Kuomintang senior officer), lived to be 102 years old. His maxim was “Get up early; sleep well; eat till you are only 70% full, run frequently; smile often; do not worry; maintain a busy daily routine and never feel old. (起得早;睡得好;七分饱;常跑跑;多笑笑;莫烦恼;天天忙;永不老)

Mencius (Meng-zi) lived to be 84 years old. His maxim was: “Be industrious in using your brain; travel around frequently and have a light and plain diet.(勤于动脑;四处旅游;饮食平淡).

Zhuang-zi died at the age of 83. His maxim was: “When the mind is broad and level, Qi is full, and the spirit is calm; an easily-satisfied person will always be happy.(心地坦荡;气足神宁;知足常乐).

Hua, Tuo, (a famous TCM doctor in the Han dynasty), lived to be 90 years old. He liked physical exercise; and his maxim was: “Exercise can release one’s depression, comfort one’s muscles and bones, move one’s blood and meridians, calm down one’s temper, and channel one’s irritability.(运动能畅其积郁,舒其筋骨,活其血脉,化其乖暴,缓其急燥).

Tao, Hongjing died at the age of 81. His maxim was: “Restore your compassion and will, keep in harmony with the four seasons, and be moderate in eating and drinking.(调摄情志,顺应四时;节制饮食).

Sun, Simiaolived to be 101 years old. His secrets were: “Keep your four limbs moving industriously; be moderate and controlled in diet; chew carefully and eat slowly; wash and rinse your mouth after meals; and get sufficient sleep.(四体勤劳;节制食欲;细嚼慢咽;饭后盥漱;睡眠充足. ).

Li, Xiuwen (Madame Li Zongren): lived to be 102 years old. Her maxim was: “Leave three mouthfuls of food during each meal; walk one hundred steps after meals.(吃饭留三口;饭后百步走 ).

Zhang, Xueliang (General)lived to be 101 years old. His maxim was: “Have a broad and level mind/heart; but build a strong will; frequently do physical exercise to strengthen the body; maintain a regular daily routine and moderate diet; view flowers and read books; cultivate both body and spirit, make a lot of friends, and enjoy life joyfully.(心胸坦荡;意志坚强;经常运动;锻炼身体;起居有时;饮食节制;观花读书;修身养性;广交朋友;自寻快乐)

Wang, Zhongyilived to be 105 years old. His maxim was: “Travel and enjoy beautiful scenery; eat until only 70% full at meals; act like a prime minister, show kindness and help others; feel only 70% joy even at fully happy moments; be persistent even during difficult times; always smile and be happy to enjoy daily life!(去旅游山清水秀;食油腻三分足矣;宰相肚与人为善;喜事临只乐三分;艰难阻进三尺;笑口常开乐悠哉!)

Yu, You-zit died at the age of 105. His longevity 3-character classic was: “Run in the morning, and go to sleep early; eat breakfast only until you are half-full, have a good lunch, and a small supper; read books and newspapers with enjoyment; smile and don’t worry; exercise with persistence; keep busy into old age to live a long, happy life.( “夙兴跑;夜寐早;晨半饱;午餐好;晚餐少;读书妙;常看报;常常笑;莫烦恼;动为宝;恒常要;忙到老;寿自高”)

Chen, Naxun lived to be 104 years old. His maxim was: “Endure everything patiently with a tolerant mood and open mind/heart; enhanced massage helps blood circulation; value the environment, prevent accidents; use both brain and body so you can be old without fading!(凡事忍耐;心情宽容;加强按摩;血脉流通;重视环境;预防意外;脑体并用;老而不衰!)

Yan, Jiyuanlived to be 105 years old. His maxim was: “Have a plain and natural, healthy mind; use both your body and brain, and your mind/heart becomes bright.(质朴自然;心理健康;脑体并用;心地敞亮).

Lang, Jinshan lived to be 104 years old. His position was: “Do not indulge in fantasy, do not have a bad temper, work slowly and orderly, let things take their course.(不胡思乱想、不发脾气、做事不急不徐,顺其自然).

Chen Chun lived to be 110 years old. His maxim was “Dress in clothes so you still feel some cold; eat meals to the point of a little hunger; eat a bowl of soup before meals, and half a pound of fruit after meals; keep your living space neat, suitable and with fresh air flowing throughout; frequently travel and walk fast, smile and be happy everyday; spirit and soul will receive relief.” (穿衣三分冷;吃饭留点饥;食前汤小碗;食前汤小碗;饭后果半斤;住房宜整洁;光气常使通;常行宜急走;一日三哈哈,神灵得慰籍。)

Tudi Shelayi lived to be 133 years old. He thought that “To nurture the body needs movement, while to nurtured the mind needs stillness; combining movement and stillness is the foundation of nurturing life. (养身在动;养心在静;动静结合,养生之本).

Ma Yinchu (scholar): lived to be 100 years old. His characteristics were: “Keep your dietlight and plain, keep your mind open and broad, persistent in exercise, specially enjoy a cold bath and swimming.” (饮食素淡、心境开阔、坚持锻炼、喜欢冷水浴和游泳。)

Lai Yaming lived to be 105 years old. His position for longevity was “Abstain from laziness, abstain from bad habits, abstain from indulging desires, and abstain from worry and anxiety. (戒懒惰、戒不良嗜好、戒纵欲、戒忧愁.) .

Chen Lifu, (Kuomintang senior officer), lived to be 106 years old. His take on longevity was the four “old”s for nurturing life and good health — old friend, old spouse, old capital (body) and old health.”He advocated that the feet should not be too cold, and the head should not be too hot. (四老养生老友、老伴、老本和老健。主张“足不宜冷;头不宜热”。)

Su Buqing, (a mathematician), lived to be 101 years old. His daily habit was “Have a cup of honey water in the morning; drink a little liquor to sleep soundly; soak your feet in hot water (almost scalding), and invigorate your body with cold water.” (早起喝一杯蜂蜜水;睡前喝一点酒安眠;热水泡脚;冷水擦身).

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