Heart Qi: Some Clinical Vignettes – Body Mind Spirit… Heart!

[From the Doctor]

by Nadia Linda Hole, M.D.

The root of all disease is in the mind, in the emotions –Tae Woo Yoo, OMD, founder KHT

Love Love Love – The Beatles

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Case #1: One day, a young woman came to my office, complaining of back pain. When I asked her what else was going on in her life, she replied with some irritation, “Nothing!  I’m a therapist too. I know my feelings.  I simply picked up my father’s suitcase, and pulled my back. Just make my back better!”

When we sedated her Heart (Fire) and Bladder (Water) meridians, her back immediately relaxed. With her physical pain handled, I gently asked if she’d like to know about the Five Element meridians which helped her.  She replied, “Yes.” (See Joyeux Noel, Dec ’11)

As I explained to her how the Water Element has to do with fear, and the Fire Element with sadness and heartache, she burst into tears, “Oh Doctor – You’re so right. My father just had a heart attack. When I bent over at the airport, to pick up his suitcase to send him home, I was afraid I might never see him again…”


Case #2: A near grandmother once came to me, with classic signs and symptoms of pneumonia, audibly rattling with each breath.

We asked her to breathe into her heart, all the way to her belly; and to imagine some Divine presence, she felt safe to open her heart to.  She began weeping uncontrollably, “Ten years ago, my son committed suicide.”  We then guided her, in Remembrance, to breathe deeper and slower, to simply allow the Qi healing process. (Lung/Metal = Grief. See Holy Shift, Jan ’12)

As she wept, calmness came, and her breathing cleared.  On follow up, she reported that her pneumonia resolved with no further medical intervention, and she now had a new sense of peace.


Case #3: A young man, working registration at a medical conference I was attending, stopped me, “Hey Doc – Anything you can do for my tennis elbow?”

We applied needle-less Qi KHT acupuncture, dispelling his pain. As we talked about the Heart (Fire) imbalance that his elbow was expressing, he interrupted, “Geez!! The day it happened, I ran into my ex, whom I hadn’t seen in years – She was the Love of my life… ”


Discussion: The above speak for themselves. No matter what symptoms your clients present – What’s the root source? What’s their Heart of Hearts truly asking for?

Heart is of course, about Love. Love is of course, the greatest healer of all. With our long standing triad of Body Mind Spirit medicine, time yet to place our Hearts at the center?  What about bowing our monkey minds to One Heart, One Love?

Time flies – Already spring time in our auspicious year of the Water Dragon 2012!  What’s your Heart of Heart’s true desire? Dreams?  What’s your heart voicing via your body? What are your life roots? What would make your heart Happy?

Happy Qi!


[Nadia Linda Hole MD is a long time Qi practitioner, teacher, and pioneer; with degrees from Princeton, Duke, and Oneness Universities; and author of chapters on QiGong and KHT for medical textbooks.  One of her passions is healing in the way of Love, and bringing a more Heart centered, Qi approach to medicine.  Check out her Roots to Wellness, World Congress QiGong, May 25-28, http://www.14wcq.com; and her Aloha Qi Pilgrimages 2012]

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