An Era of Openness through Raising the Kundalini

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By Raven Cohan

Is it time?  Can there be an era of openness?  Can many people now begin to consider practices that have remained hidden?  The practices of raising sexual-spiritual energy known as Kundalini are detailed practices that can be learned. (see note # 1) Most of such practices have you train to send this energy up the spine to the brain in special ways.  Many people thought of these practices as too MYSTERIOUS and did consider learning them possible for most people.  My supposition is that if a majority of people would begin these practices then openness will result and the “…world will be as ONE…” (as John Lennon sang in his song “Imagine. “)  This article invites you to consider various aspects and beliefs regarding Kundalini energy. So bring along your curiosity and remain open.  A deep subject should be approached delicately and certainly not gobbled down in order to consider its veracity.

Why did a very natural practice of understanding how to tame and utilize our Kundalini energy get shrouded in India, Tibet, China and other cultures until several teachers in the last 50 to 150 years offered it to outsiders?  A strong impression that has come through much investigation on my part is that leaders in politics, science and religion wanted to control the masses all throughout history.  They still do.  The common people of many cultures often took a back seat to these leaders. Even some of those who meditated and called themselves healers often took on the role of being apart from the masses as well and wanted to dispense their healing in a cloak of mystery.

What if everyone on this great planet could learn internal ways to heal themselves without even using a single medicine, herb, crystal or anything else external?  What if there were ways to train to do what a medicine keeper, often called ‘shaman,’ could do?

All people potentially have such power.  To this day, many leaders in science, religion, big businesses and politics, still do not wish that to occur.  An often-used way of control has and still is to shroud power in language that puts fear, deception and/or confusion in people.  I am not suggesting that such revelations could or should come to a public domain easily in a miraculous way like a blast of lightning.  I have studied and taught this subject for thirty years and it still is regarded by many as obscure and a non-science.  However, the belief that all humanity must at least eventually rise to become one and in oneness utilize this innate force called Kundalini has led me to write this article.

It is time to look for ways to bring about the era of openness.  Leaders must LEAD the people toward discovering the individualized and independent health care system that exists in their own bodies. For three decades, I have been learning my Chinese teacher’s system from the basics up to very advanced levels. I have gained an understandings of how it compares similarly with other systems.

All systems come from one.  Every person can choose to move through fears from old beliefs that have been imposed upon them.  Who can suggest that they seek training for themselves? Surely, it is an easier choice to discard or not even seek power due to fear.  As a teacher and ever-learning human, I believe we must take our time and trust the pathways that lead to peaceful evolution!  The more we open ourselves to possibilities, the more we share with each other.  We may, coming from different cultures, not ever necessarily agree upon one variation of the One over another.  However, we will gather and share views that will get us thinking and moving the spiritual, energetic, and creative energies of our bodies.

We will find health. We will be independent.  POWER can arise from learning to be healthy and to stay healthy.  Will we be able to get past the civilizations of now and yesterday that worship the idea that one reason to evolve is to tread on others and another reason is to gain wealth?  Personally, I don’t want to ever think that this natural evolution will get stuck again like it has up until now.  An era of Openness has no doors shutting anyone outside due to their circumstances.  (“You don’t have hundreds and thousands of dollars to take this Wisdom Teaching Course Method? Well… too bad!”) This type of elitism is in my opinion, a primary reason why humanity needs to recognize that we ARE ALL ONE PEOPLE.

Modern psychologists have come to understand, that it becomes unhealthy to suppress the gifts that arise from understanding and uniting of sexual and spiritual energy. The meaning of “Sexual” in this text is not our common picture that turns our minds instantly to a pornographic vision.  There is an entirely different approach that will transform a newcomer’s understandings.  Please be patient.

The one source that is a creator source named by all those religious, political and scientific leaders, can ALL TOGETHER lead us to admire all the ancient peoples who attempted to retain memory of what came naturally to early humans in order to stay healthy as their spirit bodies became dense and denser.  (I have read depictions of history going back to times that are explained by many teachers before you and I.  Some have spoken of this as an era from long ago that some call ‘Lemuria.’  (Even earlier eras have been spoken of in accounting that can be understood despite being dismissed by both science and religious leaders.)  Most people have heard of a later era which was called the continent of Atlantis by some people.  It is not just a gambling casino and resort in the Bahamas.  (That sentence is similar to this one: Denial is not just a river in Egypt!)

If I mention Lemuria and Atlantis in an article, I risk being ignored by those who want history to be backed up with excavations that prove there were living beings that were buried and found thousands of years later.  Please try to not call me and this information unscientific or against your religion for a few paragraphs more.  Please stick with my trend of thought.

There are new findings being uncovered about the age of dense humanity. New articles are constantly making science news.  How many years will it take to find the scientific ways to prove an existence that suggests a time when humanity was invisible? Lemuria and Atlantis are names referring to our history when we who call ourselves human, densified and began emphasizing our dense, visible physical bodies made of cells.  Living cells all contain DNA. DNA existed in the Sea Water of early times of earth formation.  Where was it before that? Did DNA just jump into existence? Did something materialize from nothing?  Not so many years ago, quantum science believed that within black holes there was a vacuum, but now we know that there are living forces in what once seemed to be “nothingness.”

Particle-Wave duality changed understanding for some people. In 1905, Einstein radically explained that particles can emerge out of waves of light.  The intricacies of wave-particle duality are beyond the scope of this article. Most meta-scientists, however are like other teachers of spiritual evolutionary understandings and myself: people who have come to our beliefs in metaphysics without ‘jumping’ toward a conclusion. We understand things beyond Newtonian Physics.  When will Quantum understandings become trusted and utilized by all of us intelligent human beings?  When will we recognize the underlying vibratory, seemingly-invisible, spiritual bodies that were helpers who formed the many species of minerals, vegetables and animals that are documented and observed?  Continual interest surrounding newly identified species are being discovered at ever increasing rates due to improved methodology.  We must continue to improve methods to find more ways to tap the visible that will lead to the invisible.

For readers who believe this way of thinking is opposed to bible understandings, if you hold on, perhaps you will begin to get the idea that truths of the times of the bible could no more be completely written into the bible more than 5,000 years ago even less than they can be revealed today!  The world is not separate from God. One creation took place.  However, now physics helps us to understand what was NOT put in any bibles.

We must advance or fast forward to the eventual discovery that there can be many ways to see Oneness that is so vast it must be a spiritual truth as well as a scientifically founded compilation of knowledge.  Mind-boggling knowledge had to be written in poetry.  Wondrous images had to be created for such amazing vastness to be digested.  Edgar Mitchell, the former astronaut was so blown away by looking out the window of the spacecraft returning to earth, he created a research group to help humanity bring together the seemingly opposed ways of sciences and religions.  It is called Noetic Science.  You can Google it.

More Ancient information, however, continually needs to be protected from being destroyed.  Much knowledge was hidden.  In addition, it was hidden from humanity by our becoming so literal.  By going into trance, some ancient tribes retained the knowledge of what it might have been like to be body-less human beings who could and did evolve. Ancient tribes in S. America were studied by anthropologist Jeremy Narby who wrote a book entitled, “The Cosmic Serpent.”  (See Note # 2) He observed tribes all over the continent, yet they never communicated with each other due to extreme distances.  These same cosmic snake-images are found in every continent’s ancient lore.  So many tribes would see similar images, (while in trance) of snakes and/or sea serpents, twisted braids, lianas, (which are thick vines in the rain forest) and more.  In trance, many tribe’s shamanistic leaders could learn the usages of plant species for healing particular illnesses.  It took Narby years to begin to understand that the images of snakes and, etc. were depicting the DNA molecule itself.  It has now been observed by some scientists that 90% of DNA molecules are carriers of information, language and life force.  It is the Everything and Nothingness. In Chinese understanding, we call it ‘Wu Chi.’ (In the West we call it ‘The Garden of Eden.’ We got “thrown out of Eden” where there was no visible OTHER until Adam split into Eve, the feminine.  It was not the sexual act or the eating of an apple that had us humans turn from visible to invisible.  (That was the poetic image used to make it easier to digest.) We can also say it the Ancient Chinese (Daoist or Taoist) way: that Wu Chi split into Yin and Yang and other progressions that produced the world as we know it.

Traditional cultures, Tribes all over the world foster a belief of a time when all the species, all the various intelligence levels, emerged from DNA with knowledge of ways to perpetuate the species. Certainly, a great deal of history was lost. Some of this information literally went underground.

A depiction of a mythical union of Fuxi and Nu Wu exists on tiles that date back to the Han Dynasty in China, only two centuries before Christ. (  This is a typical illustration of a type found all over the world.)  Fuxi and Nu Wu are a two human headed being with one snake body. This has been a theme of many texts throughout history. Recently a novel which won the Nobel Prize,  Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian, expresses this concept – animals becoming spiritual beings and the ancestral divinities. Quoted from page 307:  “The individual did not exist… no distinction existed between ‘you’ and  ‘I’.”   I realize that this comes from a novel yet it is an expression of what the world’s ancient people understood and cultivated: “ALL MY RELATIONS,” which is a translation of a saying in the Lakota Sioux language. It is a greeting and hopeful admonition to stay aware that the ones we may be temporarily separate from and call enemies, can be as close to us as blood relatives – all one – from the One Source.

In Taoism the belief is in a Oneness that must be UN-NAMED in order for it to remain ONENESS.  Once upon a time, (and for me it is more than a dreamy fairy tale,) we did not have bodies, didn’t speak but somehow carried the unspoken as Kundalini seems to carry information up our spines and through our nervous system.  Kundalini transports through vessels and fluids at once via invisible and visible and is poetry and fact.  As my teacher, Mantak Chia says, if you do it, you get it… If you don’t do it, how can you get it?


Note # 1. Kundalini is defined as “vital energy that Hindus or earlier peoples who wrote in Sanskrit, believe lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is called into action, e.g. through yogic practices, to be used in seeking enlightenment and self healing. ” The kula is the last point of the spinal cord.  `Ku’ means” physical structure” and “la” means” container” So “kula” means ‘the container of the physical structure.”  One definition of the Spanish word culo, is “tail, ” or rear end.  The base of spine is our “root chakra.” Chakra is a center of a specific type of energy.  (Most of this info is from the free dictionary on the internet, called Encarta.)
Many spiritual and religious traditions throughout the ages have known this science of the ‘kun’d’alinii’ and its ascent: the Chinese alchemists and Taoists, and Hebrew mystics.  Some believe that the “seven churches” and the “mystery of the seven stars” referred to by John in Revelation represent the seven chakras.  A great medieval Christian mystic, Jacob Boehme, described his own experience:  “For the Holy Ghost will not be held in the sinful flesh, but rises up like a lightning flash, as fire sparkles and flashes out of a stone when a man strikes it.  The Holy Spirit rises up, in the seven unfolding fountain spirits, into the brain, like the dawning of the day, the morning redness… though an angel from heaven should tell this to me for all that I could not believe it.  But the Sun itself arises in my Spirit, and therefore I am most sure of it.”   Many modern Hindus believe that the ‘Vedas were transmitted orally between eight and ten thousand years ago.’  Yoga means Union or in other words understanding the one energy that people name as their God or gods.  Many Ancient peoples named the Gods. (Most of this above was edited by the author from a website from a Vedic group.  Vedic is the ancient source of Hinduism, etc. and simply means “truth.”  And Hindus believe and respect all god energy.)
In Taoism the belief is in a Oneness that must be UN-NAMED in order for it to remain ONENESS.  This is one reason I look to the early Chinese understandings. My own Judaism with its Kabalistic understandings, well corresponds to the Chinese understandings in many ways! So indeed, do you not want to call upon your own brand of God energy?  Name the name you love!  No one has to stop you if you don’t stop anyone else from their beliefs!  Sanskrit has been defined to influence far more than its present day speakers.  Perhaps the ancient roots come to inform the French word, ‘sans’ for ‘without’ and the ‘skrit’ syllable would refer to ‘script’ or ‘speech.’  Once upon a time we didn’t speak.  We were DNA, carrying- beings of energy knowledge that simply knew things. Kundalini is One method to tap a transformable knowledge-carrying circuitry of information.  It is the ‘vessels’ and the ‘fluids’ at once. It is visible and invisible all at once. It is poetry and fact at once.
Note # 2. The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge ISBN 0-8477-964-2 Penguin Putnam 375 Hudson St. NYC. NY, 10014 – 1998 copyright.


[Raven Cohan is a teacher and author who is writing a book of her take of her teacher’s system called Universal Healing Tao.  His name is Mantak Chia.  She has other teachers before, after and during and believes we all must find our own ways to come to Oneness of respect and gratitude that will help us to better evolve as beings and care-takers of this one planet we know now with life that we call Earth.  See her web site at  There you can find other articles and links.]





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