Relaxation Through Smiling Exercise

[Self Healing Method]

Relaxing Though Smiling Exercise


This exercise is designed to help you quickly recover from fatigue, reduce stress, increase your energy and efficiency.

You can do this at anytime and anywhere. You can do this exercise by standing, sitting or lying down.  Whichever position you select, make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. Clear your mind of all thoughts.

Lightly close your eyes. Breathe naturally, paying special attention to the area around your abdomen. Let your breathing be soft, even, deep and slow.

Now you are relaxed. As you breathe naturally and relaxed, focus your attention on the area between your two eyebrows, visualize a small smiling face in between your two eyebrows, smiling, and smiling happily at you. The smiling face begins to grow bigger and bigger until it covers your entire head.

The smiling face continues to expand; and it covers your entire chest.  Your entire chest becomes a smiling face.  It continues to expand…. Your entire body becomes a smiling face.  Your organs, your nervous system, all your cells and pores are smiling ….. smiling…….and smiling.

The smiling face continues to expand from your body outward to become a very large smiling face covering the entire room, and then, to the surrounding environment.  It continues to expand, smiling and expanding, smiling and expanding until it covers the earth.  The entire earth and everything in it turns into a huge smiling face, smiling, smiling, and smiling! The huge smiling face continues to expand, reaching the entire universe and the entire universe becomes an endless smiling face.

Everything is smiling,

Everything becomes the smiling face,

There is no one, not you, or anyone else — just smiles ..

There is no desires, no wants; no demands, — just smiles…

There is no disease, no illness, no disasters; — just smiles…

There is no heaven, no earth,  just smiles, smiles, and smiles….

Continue to visualize and feel the smiling face for a few minutes, or as long as you want.

Now, you can finish the exercise by letting the smiling face gradually become smaller and smaller and coming back into your body, then reduce it to the size of an egg and send it to your lower Dantian.  Visualize the small smiling face in your lower Dantian for a minute as you continue to breathe naturally. You feel completely relaxed, content and worry-free.

Briskly rub your palms together until they feel warm, and then use your palms to stroke your face downward a few times.  Your smiling exercise is now completed.

Now you are fully relaxed and energized!

[Translation and Adaptation by Kevin Chen]

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