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Daoist Internal Alchemy – Sexual Alchemy: Female Blue Water Snake Year

[Daoist Internal Alchemy] Sexual Alchemy: Female Blue Water Snake Year By Michael Winn Dear Lovers of Snake Qi, the embodiment of Sexual Alchemy,         This Water Snake Year is going to bring up very deep issues that relate to our … Continue reading

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From the Master

Chinese Astrology and Inner Cultivation By Master ZhongxianWu 1. Introduction After my book The 12 Chinese Animals — Create Harmony in Your Daily Life through Ancient Chinese Wisdom was published, some friends often ask me, “Why should I learn about … Continue reading

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Book Reviews-The 12 Chinese Animals

Most people think of Chinese astrology as only being concerned with what animal you are, as found on many Chinese restaurant menus. Of course, as with most of the traditional Chinese arts, there is a lot more to it than this to this ancient art than this.

As in Western astrology, the month, day and hour have significance. This book also tells us how to find our power animals… Continue reading

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