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Six Soups with Therapeutic Effect on Insomnia

Now a day more and more people suffer from stress and anxiety problems, while insomnia is one of most common symptoms.  If you notice the side effects of most sleeping pills, you may want to try some of natural recipes from Chinese medicine for tranquility and sleeping-aid.

Chinese-date kernel soup

Chinese-date kernel soup: The Chinese-date kernel (酸枣仁), a.k.a. spiny jujube, 9 grams, smashed, and boiled with water, taking the soup one hour before going to bed every night.  The Chinese date kernel can suppress the central nervous system, and have a constant sedative effect.  It has good therapeutic effect on the annoyance or restless insomnia caused by blood deficiency palpitation, and anxiety (or related conditions).

Tranquil-mind soup: Longan meat (龙眼肉) and Sichuan salvia miltiorrhiza (川丹参) 9 grams each, with two bowls of water, boiled to half a bowl, taking it 30 minutes before going to bed every night.  Sedative and calming effect can be achieved, especially for the insomnia due to cardiovascular weakness, blood deficiency and related debilities.

Calming-spirit soup:  Raw lily flower (生百合) 15 grams, steamed thoroughly, add one egg-yolk, stirred with 200 ml of water, add some rock sugar, then boiled, add 50ml of cold water, drink one hour before going to bed.

Three-taste sleeping soup: The Chinese-date kernel(酸枣仁) 9 grams, ophiopogon (麦冬) and polygala (远志) 3 grams each, boiled with 500 ml of water until 50ml left, taking before going to bed.  All three herbs have calming, resting and sedative effects, and together they produce nice hypnosis effect.

Longan lotus-seed soup

Longan lotus-seed soup: Takes the dried longan (桂圆) and lotus seeds (莲子) 100 grams each, boils into soup (25 to 30 minutes),  which has the effect of  nourishing the mind, cultivating the spirit, strengthening  the spleen, and supplementing the kidney, most suitable for the middle-aged or  old persons with long-term insomnia.

Mind-Nourishing Rice-Soup: Take codonopsis (党参) 35 grams, 10 pieces of date without seed,  Ophiopogon (麦冬) and root poria (茯神) 10 grams each, add 2000 ml of water to boil into 500 ml, get rid of the residue.  Wash the rice (about 50 to 75 grams) and boil with the herbal water into rice soup.  After the rice is cooked add brown sugar to take.  The soup has significant effect on accelerated heart rate, forgetfulness, insomnia, and profuse dreaming.


(Translated by Kevin W Chen)

[Source:  Chinese Medical Yang-Sheng Network  中医养生网 ]


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