Maintain Homeostasis — Food Can Help You

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 Maintain Homeostasis

Food Can Help You

(Mood, Food and Move — Three Secrets, Part III) 

by Shiuan Gee


Ellasara King URAD DALThe ancestors of human beings used to run in the jungles, hunted the animals, slept under the trees or in caves. Since man started to live in houses, we have become too delicate. Especially today, we all live in the higher science and technology conditions and life is too easy. But when the weather changes, rain, snow, or storm, we could get sick. Why? Because we have become too weak to stand a gust of wind, our bodies have not enough immunity and resistance, any inner or outer changes could make us uncomfortable, even sick.

How can we make our bodies being stronger? We don’t need to go back to jungles and sleep in the wild. We only need to adjust and maintain homeostasis.

The balance of the human’s internal body is very important. Your body’s organs work just like a big machine. We can image that a car that has lost balance and will not run, it may even have an accident. So, if our internal body loses balance, we could be ill, experience premature aging, even death.

shutterstock_1013247According to traditional Chinese medical theory, there are three balances being exist in our bodies.

Qi and blood balance is the first one. Qi gives your body energy, helps all organs work well, and makes your circulation run normally. Blood brings nutrition to every part of the body, and keeps body alive. If a person does not have enough qi or blood and loses their balance, she /he could experience shortness of breath, no strength, anemia, stomach trouble, uterus bleeding, and menopausal problems.

Second is cold and hot balance. Part of the organs of our body are classified as cold, like kidney, Liver, spleen; part of our organs are considered to be warm, like heart, lung, stomach. When the colder organs get hot, or warmer organs get cold, we become ill. For example: an irascibleperson who has a hot liver is prone to get high blood presser, coronary heart disease, and stomach trouble.

The third one is Acid-Base balance. Our body sometimes is acidic, sometimes is alkaline. When we are alkaline, we are healthy. But once the body appeares on the acidic side, the person was ill. According to modern scientific validation: most overweight people have high blood pressure, or most people who have cancer are acidic.

Selecting the right food is the best way to Maintain homeostasis. I will write about this topic in the next article.


Shiuan Gee

Shiuan Gee

Shiuan Gee, — author, former journalist and editor of “Health and Life” Chinese Newspaper.   Published book: Philosophy Prose Collection “Thoughts on Life”;   Documentary literature “The Night of New Orleans”, etc.  Unpublished book: Novel “The little Sparrows Flew Away”.   Also as an Amateur Health food cooking chef and Gourmet, she is writing a Dietotherapy book:  “Amazing Food—Health Diet 101”, Subtitle “How can get Benefits from Your Daily Diet?”   The subject of her column is named “Mood, Food and move — Three Secrets of Health”.

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