Welcome to the Longevity Issue

[From the Editor]

Welcome to the Longevity Issue

by Michelle Wood

Michelle Longevity is always the hot topic in Yang-Sheng and well-being.  We have many excellent articles and practices for your health and wellness this month!

For the body, there is The Five Golden Points in the Human Body with Anti-Aging Effects Compiled by Kevin W Chen, Stimulating our Longevity points by Lilian Kluivers with the next series of Do-In exercises, Lose Weight Fast by Marty Eisen, PhD teaching a specialized breathing method called The Senobi Breathing Method, and out Feature Article Centenarian In-bed Health Exercises for Longevity Translation and editing by Kevin W Chen, in-bed health exercise introduced and taught by Mr. Kai-Shen Tsui in Taiwan.

For the palate, Seasonal Harmony by Ellasara Kling with delicious recipes suited for the colder season,  Effects of Common Foods compiled by Ellasara is a brief list of foods and spices and their benefits toward health and wellness during these colder months of the year. What to Look for in a Vitamin By Dr. Colleen Huber, ND discusses the need to choose wisely when it comes to vitamin and mineral supplements.

Mindfully, our articles this month include Living BIGGER, Better and Longer – Change your story of words and sensations by Sharon Montes, MD explores  how the language we speak affects our brain and health behaviors that contribute to longevity, the marvelous Inspirational Instructions on Internal Cultivation from Sun Bu-Er, Taoist Adept of the Complete Reality School By Jill Gonet, an excerpted from the author’s newly released volume, Riding the Phoenix to Penglai: Poetry By Taoist Adept Sun Bu-Er, a Complete Reality School adept, who lived between 1119-1182 C.E. in Shandong Province (in Northern China) during the Jin Dynasty. Beautiful memories old and newer by Alan Sims shares a tale of visitation with his taiji master Mr. Jou at Rutgers University, and another at the Tai Chi Farm, including descriptions for exercises that are the epitome of the Tai Chi principles emphasized by Jou Tsung Hwa.

For the research and scientifically minded, we offer The Extraordinary Meridians or Vessels by Marty Eisen Ph.D. teaching of the functions and uses of the Yin Heel Vessels, Yang Heel Vessels, the Yin and Yang Linking Vessels, and Mind-Body Medicine Research Updates compiled by Kevin Chen PhD with reports of studies done using practices of yoga, tai chi, and meditation to alleviate conditions such as PTSD, insomnia, migraine headaches, hypertension, cancer-related fatigue, and to improve bone density and muscle strength in elderly women.from_the_editor_2

I know you will enjoy this issue dedicated to longevity! As Mr. Spock from “Star Trek” used to say, “Live long and prosper!”

The Theme for next two issues will be “Harmony with Nature”, and “The Healer Within”, we will welcome your contributions and recommendation for these coming issues.

Many blessings for a wonderful holiday season!


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