The Natural Medicine: Food

[Food As Medicine 食疗]

The Natural Medicine: Food

Mood, Food & Movement–Three Secrets of Health (IV)

By Shiuan Gee


In my last article, I mentioned the three balances of our human body. Now how can we make these three balances work well?  The key is “Food.”  Think about all the nearby grocery stores and food markets as your food pharmacies with no prescriptions and with no worries about chemical pollution or medicinal

Foods as information transfer their power and energy to our DNA, making it work well and promoting our bodies’ natural health.

Food as magic bullets kill certain bacteria, viruses and heal diseases.

Food as natural medicine saves people from many illnesses.

Five thousand years of civilization and history has allowed the Chinese people to discover and record the successful experiences of food medicines. They eat food as medicine, making them healthier and live longer.

Now we go back the first question: what kind foods make the balances work well?

1.  Qi and Blood.Qi gong girl

If you feel shortness of breath when you speak, if your stomach is uncomfortable and you cannot eat a sufficient amount of food, if you are a woman and experience dysfunctional uterine bleeding, you need more Qi. You should eat dates, yams, goat’s milk or cheese, take lemon juice or lemonade, and drink chicken or beef broth.

If you have diabetes, low blood pressure or anemia, you should  eat Chinese dates, black wood ear, black sesame, black beans, Litchi, pork or chicken liver, beef and lamb.

2.  Heat and Cold.

Living in the hot summer season can elevate body temperatures very easily.   Our working and living pressures and anxieties create a lot of stresses. All this makes us generate inner- body heat and the elevated temperature makes us ill.  So we should eat cool or cold food such as watermelon, apple, pear, cucumber, radish, Chinese cabbage, bitter melon, jellyfish, honey and rice.

If you have a cold body, cold hands and feet, you should take ginger tea, brown sugar, green scallion, meat, hot soups with noodles and whole wheat bread.

3.  Acid-Base.

To prevent  being  overweight or over- acidic , we should  choose  basic or non -acidic foods like bananas, oranges, Chinese pumpkin, seaweed, tomato, carrot, spinach, mushroom, Chinese Chive, green cabbage, garlic, konjac, potato, taro etc.

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware of the healing properties of food, so let us select the right foods instead relying entirely on chemical medicines to make a health body and have a quality life.



Shuan GeeShiuan Gee, Author, Former Journalist and Editor of “Health and Life” Chinese Newspaper.  She has published a book: Philosophical Essays “Thoughts on Life”;
and a Novel “The Little Sparrow Flew away”;
Documentary literature: “The Night of New Orleans”. Nonfiction: The Report of the Mainland China Intellectuals’ Sex Life.  Also as an Amateur Health food cooking chef and Gourmet, She is writing a Diet therapy book: “Amazing Food—Health Diet 101”, Subtitle “How can get Benefits from Your Daily Diet?” The subject of her column is named “Mood, Food and move — Three Secrets of Health”.
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