Unique Self-Healing Program for Cancer Recovery

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The Unique Self-Healing Program for Cancer Recovery    in University of Maryland

Introduce the latest breakthrough in cancer therapy – YOU!

Kevin W Chen, Ph.D. MPH


Cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of death around the world, and we are far away from finding the real cure for various cancers at the moment.   The self-healing retreat in University of Maryland Baltimore is introducing the latest breakthrough in cancer therapy – YOU (the patient’s self-care and self-empowerment)!  Because all known effective therapies work closely with patients’ immune and self-recovery system; and real sense of health or recovery is not simply absence of physical diseases (cancer in this case), but also a full emotional, mental and social health.

Most current cancer treatments focus on the cancer itself, or how to remove or reduce tumors, but little has done on the internal environment that cultivated cancer growth in the first place, such as the stress and anxiety, cancer-phobia, emotional disturbance, relationship issues, life-style, nutrition, and purpose in life, etc. which may lead to cancer growth or recurrence.  These non-medical factors are highly correlated with treatment failures and cancer recurrence, but have not seriously been treated in conventional cancer treatment.  Here is where Medical Qigong from traditional Chinese medicine can play an important role.   The Qigong-based self-healing program offers a different philosophy and method in treatment of disease or sickness like cancer.  To help people understand what has been offered in University of Maryland Baltimore that are significantly different from other existing cancer treatment programs, I would like to outline the highlights of our Qigong-based self-healing program that is designed not only to help build the strength and energy needed for healing and recovery, but also improve the internal environment that cultivated cancer growth (such as stress, emotional disturbance, relationship, life-style and nutrition), and offer real sense of complete health and recovery while complementary to existing therapies.

Here are the outlines of our cancer self-healing program, which covers a variety of aspects that main-stream cancer therapies have not fully offered:

1.  Change of the Mentality of Patients. (Attitude Adjustment)

The first task in our retreat is to get rid of cancer-phobia, and turn traditional searching for help outside to searching for help within so as to rebuild confidence in recovery.

  • According to oncology experts, 1/3 of cancer patients not died of cancer complication, but the fear of cancer, in spite of the fact that cancer is a very common life phenomenon…
  • Cancer is not your enemy, but an alert to you that your internal environment and life-style was suitable for cancer growth!  It is the cells crying for help!
  • It is the immune function and self-healing power that eventually survive and cure the cancer.11146465_916226615074402_6441181195195501788_o
  • The effects of cancer-phobia are the true form of an incurable disease, since they keep the patient stressed out and weakens the immune system.
  • Break-up the three blind-beliefs – blind-believe in doctors, science and Qigong master
  • Everyone possesses great potential of self-recovery and self-healing, we need revealing its power for our recovery so as to achieve true health and recovery!


2.  Focus on Reducing and Managing Stress/Anxiety

Stress is not what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens.  Even in the face of difficult situations, we can choose how to respond.  Rather than being carried away by stress and fear, learning effective mind-body stress and anxiety management techniques can improve well-being, increase optimism and decrease worry.  In this unique retreat participant will learn powerful mindfulness and breathing techniques, develop skills in acceptance, let-go and positive reframing, practice non-judgmental detachment and experience Qigong movements that have been specially designed to enhance relaxation and general wellness.

  • Become mindful at any time by paying attention to breathing (key skills: abdominal breathing, resonance-frequency breathing, counting breath method)
  • Be mindful of your thought and emotion (you are not your mind, detachment from thought & emotion (observe without analyzing), practice acceptance and non-judgmental, positive reframing, living in the moment with gratitude) stress_carton
  • Be mindful of your body/spirit, understanding mind-body connection, body can be used to facilitate stress reduction, filling up your “cup”.
  • Creating a positive, present and detached mindset – exercises and resources designed to facilitate a customized positive present mindset.
  • Stress-free and anxiety-free is the foundation of cancer recovery!


3.  Qigong Systems Designed Specifically for Fighting Cancer

I have been trained in cancer-fighting Qigong techniques with the well-known qigong teachers and masters, and will teach and share the unique and important knowledge with retreat participants. Although Qigong is well-known for health and healing, not all Qigong schools are willing to openly challenge cancer (due to the high mortality  rate and complication during retreatment).   Two medical qigong forms stand out in the past 30 years — the Taiji Five-Element Self-Recovery System and the Guolin New Qigong, both claim they are good therapy for cancer healing and recovery with thousand documented successful cases. 0d8c87331ba3c0b0-1f7f045294c27d7e-dd1b09c3f681d90e13f800b372a24930

  • Both qigong forms will be presented and practiced.  One mostly meditation, while other mostly walking (dynamic), so as to fit different needs from students
  • Qigong practice cultivates mindfulness & energy needed during recovery
  • Qigong practice can rapidly rebuild immune & healing system, complementary to existing therapies.
  • It is very easy to practice of the Qigong form, patient can literally practice it even laying on the bed:  http://yang-sheng.com/?p=11022
  • Students learn both forms of Qigong and will leave the program with the skills to continue Qigong practice on their own once returning home.


4.  Behavioral & Life-Style Reprogramming

The self-healing program does not target at cancer per se, but the environment or life process that is vulnerable to cancer growth and produced cancer in the first place.  We all have behavioral patterns that do not support our wellness.  This Self-Healing Program will help participant identify these patterns or elements, and provide techniques to help them overcome them.  We frame the cancer experience as a ‘urgent alert’ from life, we must learn to identify health-inducing changes in lifestyle, thinking patterns, habits and behaviors that are needed to regain the healthy integration of your mind, body and spirit.

  • Become a benefit-finder instead of fault-finder in daily life
  • Change your attitudes in difficult relationships that you cannot get rid of
  • Identify the emotional disturbance in life, that may produce long-term health problems (especially child abuse, marriage failure, and relationship issues)
  • Establish a healthier daily routine and scheduleMeditationWhite
  • Practice forgiveness and gratitude daily
  • Minimize the exposure to electronic magnetic fields
  • Diet and Nutrition – based on science and individualization
  • Introduction to the seasonal life-nourishing tradition, and follow the flow of season
  • Proper amount of exercises and relaxation


5.  Evidence-Based Self-Healing Techniques

Seeking a comprehensive approach to recovery is the key.  The self-healing program will teach some evidence-supported interventions or healing skills to maximize patient’s health and recovery. These self-healing techniques include:

  • Nutrition therapy
  • Dietary supplements
  • Self-Acupressure, introduce points to help pain and other symptoms,
  • Grounding for discharging positive ions and electron magnetic field, and gaining energy from Earth during recovery44686c1157ba49b11470bbdbdd61ba18
  • Emotional-soothing therapy
  • Energetic fasting as a therapy (turtle breathing and skin breathing)


In short, the Qigong-based self-healing Retreat for cancer recovery has applied some key self-healing techniques from Qigong therapy and other existing knowledge for a complete recovery with two major emphasis:  Build a positive & present mindset (attitude change) and boost energy and self-healing potential through qigong practice.


Our Qigong Self-Healing Retreats have been very successful, and “transformative,” according to our participants.  Here are some of feedback and testimony from the participants:

“Best retreat of my life!”                                                              — V.W. from KY

“Informative, ground-breaking, life-changing!”                  — RCB from MD

“Life enhancing, energizing, move you forward wherever you are in life.”

— M.F. from MD

“Transformational and giving hope… a method to continue my recovery with commitment and focus on Qigong”.

— K.S. from NY

“The healing Qigong workshop surpassed my expectations by a long shot.  I highly recommend this workshop to anyone of interest.  I came home with a renewed vigor, confidence, feeling of normalcy and hope that I had wanted!”

—  XYZ from Texas

“What an absolutely amazing week this was!  I can honestly say I was engaged every second of every minute….”  “I am on a quest for Total Health after stage III cancer diagnosis, and I felt like I needed something more than what I was doing — This is it!”

— S.C.  from Virginia

“Phenomenal! Passionate! True very best!  Opened my mind, my body, & my spirit!”  “If I had this course 2 years ago, I would have taken less treatment and relied more on this practice.”

— SLB (a M.D.) from Maryland

“I have taught meditation for many years and practiced meditation for years.  I have never had the results that I have been having with the 1/2 hour standing meditation and one hour sitting mediation. ”

“I now have a new focus, helping cancer patients understand & live well with their illness.”

— R.C. (a Qigong teacher) from Florida

“I gained so much from participating in your Qigong Retreat.  Being able to spend seven days in a row learning from you showed me that the more I use Qigong,  the stronger I get”                                                                                                                                                                                               –                                                                                            — K.D. (83 year olds) from Maryland

“This is truly a unique opportunity for people with cancer to learn how to develop a positive and constructive attitude about cancer.  This retreat teaches one to have trust in his ability to develop and master his own approach to healing through the unique qigong practice. It is an uplifting and confidence-building experience.

— V.D. from MD

“This program is highly recommended for anyone with major health issues as well as their caregivers.”

— W.W. from KY

For more information about our self-healing retreat, please go to:  http://www.cim.umaryland.edu/healingretreat/ 

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