The 2017 GuolinxinQigong Wuyishan English Camp

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The 2017 GuolinxinQigong Wuyishan English Camp


Open to Participants around the World


Wuyishan (Mount Wuyi) — the world culture and natural dual heritage, and National 5A-class tourist attraction, known as “Natural oxygen bar”, “Yang-sheng paradise”, and “China’s immortal city” — we are coming here for a special Wellness event….


Guolinxinqigong (GLXQG), a.k.a. Guolin New Qigong, is a form of medical Qigong, based on the classic qigong with reform and innovation, and combined with modern Chinese medicine theory.  A lot of research and practitioners have proved that it has significant effect on cancer recovery and treatment of various chronic diseases.  GLXQG is the only anti-cancer health Qigong form formally recommended and approved by the General Administration of Sports, China.


Selected Scenery of Mount Wuyi

In order to meet the needs of cancer patients and their family around the world, and the needs of foreign qigong instructors and life-coach professional to learn and improve their capability in teaching GLXQG,  with the Invitation of the Wuyishan City Pengzu Culture Wellness and Longevity Institute, for the first time, the Guolin Disciple Xinqigong Therapy Research Association, led by master Jian Wang, will teach the entire system of GLXQG in English, plus other unique lectures and wellness programs, in October 9-20, 2017.


Practice GXQ in Mount Wuyi

This English training camp will take place in the famous Wuyishan (Mount. Wuyi) , which is located in the north of Fujian Province, China. Wujishan is named the world’s cultural and natural dual heritage, and the national 5A-class tourist attractions, also known as “natural oxygen bar”, “wellness paradise”, “China’s immortal city” reputation.  From the Love and gifts of mother nature, the Wuyishan sculptures the world famous and outstanding fairyland.  The fresh and lung-nourishing air, natural green food, rich and tasting rock tea, and the traditional authentic Ganoderma lucidum, all made the famous mountains a reality of health and wellness paradise!

This could be your once-in-a-lifetime learning and touring opportunity in China as you will learn and practice Qigong in one of the most beautiful sceneries and health paradises with the opportunity to study and experience some of wellness and longevity culture.


Camp Location:  Tianyou Villa – Yuan Ecological Wellness Hotel ,  Wuyishan City, Fujian, China

(Right next to the South Gate of Wujishan Scenery Park.  Take the Chinese words with you when asking for direction:   武夷山市 武夷宫 上埔 天游山庄 — 元生态养生酒店 )

Dates:  October 10–20, 2017; (Check-in on Oct. 9; check-out on Oct. 20, 2017, a total of 11 nights)


Master WANG Jian

Master WANG Jian

Main Instructors:

Master Jian Wang (王健) – one of the disciples of master Guo Lin, and president of the Guolin Disciple Xinqigong Therapy Research Association.  Master Wang  has engaged in teaching GLXQG for 40 years, and have taught in the United States, Germany, Russia and Hong Kong, and offered presentations of Qigong in many different international conferences. She is well known for performance of Wuqinxi Qigong, and won the Gold medalist instructor and senior qigong master certification.


Teacher Fanny Fan

Teacher Fanny Fan

Fanny Fan (范丽娟) — 2006 rectal cancer survivor, beneficiary of GLXQG,  Director General  of  the Guolin Disciple Xinqigong Therapy Research Association, and the Xinqigong Therapy Instructor.  Ms. Fan is also the president of Hong Kong Rouliqiu Federation, Certified Rouliqiu Referee and Senior Coach, Council Member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, the Level 1 Sports Instructor by General Administration of Sports China, and Taijiquan instructor of Hong Hong Taiji Association. Taijiquan Senior Section Champion in 2005 the 13th HongKong Chinese Martial-arts Neijiaquan Open Tournament,

Official Language:  Mandarin and English

Dr. Kevin W Chen

Dr. Kevin W Chen

Guest Instructor & InterpreterProf. Kevin W Chen  — Dr. Kevin Chen is an associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. With Chinese origin and a life-long Qigong meditation practice, Dr. Chen is among the few scientists in the U.S. who has both extensive knowledge of Qigong as well as active involvement in Qigong meditation and research. He is the associate editor-in-chief of the English version textbook “Chinese Medical Qigong” (2010), deputy secretary of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, and the publisher of online Yang-Sheng magazine. Dr. Chen has extensive experience using Qigong and positive psychology to facilitate health and healing in people facing cancer and other health problems. He is offering week-long self-healing retreat for cancer recovery at University of Maryland Baltimore, including instruction of GLXQG (Click HERE for more information).


Main Activities:

  1. Learn the system of GLXQG anti-cancer exercises; Including, preparation works, closing exercise, natural walking qigong, rising-dropping open-closing, Ha-sound method, super fasting walking method, fixed-step method, head massage, hand sticks method; Yongquan massage; water-reduction work; stopping cough and hemostasis method, lifting white-blood-cell stick, etc.
  2. Lectures by Master Wang Jian: the basic principles of anti-cancer Qigong; the system of GLXQG power and the reform of three-stage progress divisions.
  3. Lectures by Prof. Kevin Chen: Scientific basis for self-healing and cancer recovery; Stress and anxiety management
  4. To observe and study the classical qigong forms (such as ancient Wuqinxi, Baduanjin, etc.) and other self-healing methods (such as Rouliqiu, grounding, health acupressure & massage, etc.)
  5. Additional wellness activities in Wuyishan and health tourism (see below)
  6. Students who complete their studies will receive a certificate of completion, which will qualify them to attend further class to become certified instructor in the future.

Qigong study and practice in Mount. Wuyi

Note:   The course content is subject to the final adjustment by the teaching instructors.

The camp opens to the participants around the world.  In order to ensure the quality of training, the number of trainee is limited to 40. So the Interested parties should register early!


Who Should Attend?

  • People who are currently facing cancer or have had cancer in the past.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring a family member or caregiver at a reduced price in an effort to support their well-being, too!
  • Qigong instructors or life coach who intend to become a certified instructor of GLXQG, or adding GLXQG as part of their regular curriculum, or for their own health improvement.
  • People with other chronic conditions (such as heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lupus erythematosus, , arthritis, etc.) who want to use Qigong as a self-healing tool for complete recovery and better health.
Visit to the Yuan Ecology Ganoderma Health Park

Visit to the Yuan Ecology Ganoderma Health Park


Registration for the Camp:

  1. Download and complete the Registration Form for Wuyishan Qigong Camp,  email the signed registration form to Ms. Fanny Fan at; or Dr. Chen at
  2. Paid the US$200 deposit online with credit card, or send the registration form with check or money order to Dr. Kevin Chen (see instruction on registration form). Alternatively, click the link below for online registration:
  3. If you register after September 15, please check with the organizers (listed below) to confirm the availability of trainee position.
  4. You can pay the remain of full tuition on the day of arrival by cash.
  5. For questions or other inquiry, please contact:
    • Hong-Kong: Fanny Fan,  Tel: (852)9072-1996 or (86)147 1437 4683 or (86)136 9213 9986;  Wechat: FannyFriendClub;  QQ: 1031331552;
    • U.S.A:  Dr. Kevin W Chen,  Tel:  +1-410-868-5889,  Email: ; Wechat or Skype user name: “Qigong4us”
    • U.K. (TBA)register

Click HERE to download the registration form for Wuyishan Qigong Camp.


Cost & Activities:

  • US$998 per person (Listed items cannot be charged on a prorated basis)
  • For group of 3 or more, or senior at 65 or older, 10% off, at US$898 per person
  • For family member of cancer patient (must come with the patient), 30% off at US$698 per person.

Which includes:

  1. All tuition, activities and miscellaneous fees for 11 days,
  2. The special characteristic Ganoderma Yang-Sheng Banquet (1 meal)
  3. Scenic tourism characteristics of Wuyishan: bamboo raft drifting ticket,
  4. landscape music-dance show: Impression Dahongpao ticket
  5. Visit to the Ganoderma Health Park and enjoy a huge shopping discount
  6. Tea appreciation — Wuyishan characteristics of tea ceremony and Dahongpao tea
  7. Pick-up and send-off from airport or train station on the registration day and leaving day only
  8. Travel accident insurance (but not health insurance)

(Note: Participants are required to purchase their own health insurance)


Bamboo raft drifting in Mount Wuyi


Lodge & Meals (Additional Cost):

Standard room for two (shared room):   US$35/day/person (including all meals)

Single room (private room no share):    US$55/day/person (including all meals)

Note:  The meal and lodging fee is charged from the date of arrival to the end of the activity period to be paid in advance.  If you leave half-way of training, there will be no refund, regardless of the reasons; in case of no-matching same-gender participant to share a room, the participant must pay the cost of the entire room until the matching roommate is found, then we can adjust the room rate.

Unless you get permission in advance, if you check-in earlier or check-out later, you may have to pay for the published rate for the extra days of lodge.

Check-in time is 3pm, and check-out time is 12noon.  If you check out after 3pm but before 6pm, you will be charged half a day.


Tianyou Villa — where the camp participants stay.

Directions on Transportation:

  1. Your final destination is called Wuyishan, China (WUS), but there are very limited flights to that airport. So your best bet is arrival by international flight to Shanghai (closer), Beijing, Xiamen or Hong-Kong, then transfer to Wuyishan airport (WUS), or the train station.
  2. The convenient and affordable way is to take the international flight to Shanghai (closer) or Beijing, and then transfer by taking express train to Wuyishan East or Wuyishan North (two different train stations)
  3. If you arrived on the day other than registration day, you may have to take public transportation or a taxi to the hotel. From Wuyishan train station, it costs about 50 yuans ($8) to take a taxi to the  Tianyou Villa (天游山庄)
  4. From Wuyishan Airport, it costs about 40 yuans ($6) to take a taxi to Tianyou Villa (天游山庄)
  5. If you are not sure how to make the transfer at the Shanghai or Beijing international airport, you are encouraged to contact our travel agent (China International Business Travel ) in advance for help to assist your transfer flight or train ticket (since you may not be able to get the same-day ticket if you don’t book in advance). With a pre-set fee, the travel agent will help you get your fight or train ticket, pick you up from airport, and assist you get to the right airport or train station during transfer.
Wuyishan Airport

Wuyishan Airport

Other Precautions:

  1. Interested participant, please call or e-mail the organizer to check for availability and other logistics if you are not sure. Complete registration form and pay the deposit will complete your registration process, and you can go ahead to book your flight.  The organizer will not make additional announcement when the camp is full.
  2. There are two types of room in the camp: standard room for 2, or for 1 person; if necessary, the organizer can help to arrange adding a third person to the standard room (the triple room).

    Qigong practice in Mount Wuyi

    Qigong practice in Mount Wuyi

  3. The paid participants will take care of all transportation by themselves.
  4. Those who have paid the deposit or full fee must be able to live on their own. Those with poor physical condition, or at critical condition after radiotherapy and chemotherapy period, are not accepted for participation so as to avoid accident. If the participant has paid the full amount of fee, after deducting the handling fee of $100, the balance will be refunded.
  5. Those who have paid the deposit or full fee are required to purchase insurance for their health and for their personal property, and must sign the “Disclaimer and Liability Waver” as part of the registration process. Those who refused to accept the “Disclaimer and liability Waver” will not be accepted for participation of the event.
  6. For those who have paid the deposit or the full fee, Please bring a copy of the detailed medical records when coming to the event, report to the camp on time, and leave on time.
  7. The paid activity fees do not include other public fee services in the camp;
  8. It is forbidden to take pictures, videos and recordings during the course of the training unless you get permission in advance, except for the designated person who is responsible for recording of the event.
Tea Appreciation

Tea Appreciation

Travel Tips:

  1. Please pay attention to the weather forecast in the camp area before departure.
  2. Participants need to prepare daily items according to their own situation.
  3. The villa will provide free Wifi network.
  4. It is forbidden to use self-heating or cooking appliances in the camp and hotel;
  5. Camp can provide free refrigerator space for participants to temporarily preserve or store medication and other drugs.
  6. Dr. Kevin Chen and China International Business Travel Agent will jointly offer additional 12-day Chinese Medicine Wellness Study & Explore Tour after the camp, from October 20 to November 1, 2017, which includes touring a Daoist temper in Jinhua Mountain, the Center for Three Healing in Emotion, Energy and Detoxification (a 5-star hotel) in Langfang, and the Beijing Traditional Medicine Exchange Center in Beijing. Participants of the tour will get full VIP travel service within China.  Please contact Dr. Chen at  for more details. Or check it out online for more details.  The Qigong Camp participant will enjoy a 10% discount from the TCM Wellness Study & Explore Tour.
Qigong walking into Mount Wuyi....

Qigong walking into Mount Wuyi….

Following is a video from flying over Mount Wuyi…


Appendix: Disclaimer and Liability Waiver Statement (to be signed during registration)

  • I ___________________________, voluntarily participate in the 2017 GuolinxinQigong Wuyishan English Camp.  I agree to consult my physician about my medical condition for participation in this camp. The Guolin Disciple Xinqigong Therapy Research Association, and Dr. Kevin Chen are not liable for any of my decisions or conditions. I understand that I am responsible for my own choices.
  • The purpose of this camp is to teach qigong and health practices, and help support participants in developing their own self-healing abilities. I understand that this camp is not intended to offer any specific medical treatment or recommendations for any individual.
  • I hereby assume all responsibility for risk of injury, physical symptoms, discomfort, and/or subsequent conditions while participating in this camp, and in self practice after the camp. I agree to release master Jian Wang, teacher Fanny Fan, Dr. Kevin Chen, the Guolin Disciple Xinqigong Therapy Research Association, the Wuyishan City Pengzu Culture Health and Longevity Institute and the Tianyou Villa from all liabilities. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless to all partied mentioned above.
  • This agreement is binding upon myself, my family, my successors in interest, and any person acting on my behalf.


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