Healing Love

Q & A on Healing Love

By Mantak Chia


What is an orgasm?

Taoists regard the orgasm as the combined essences of all the body’s vital organs. Each organ and gland participates in the orgasmic process as follows:

1. The five senses create an environment for an orgasm as we become aroused through particular sights, sounds, feelings, scents, and tastes. These external senses arouse our internal senses, which give rise to the essences that initiate an orgasm.

2. The brain receives the message of arousal from the outer senses and translates it, directing the body to create an orgasm from its best life-force energy.

3. The essences of all vital organs contribute to an orgasm. As each is supplied with Chi, more sexual energy is aroused.

(a) In women the liver supplies the necessary essence that creates the lubricating fluid. The essences of the heart and kidneys stimulate and maintain the erection of a woman’s breasts, vagina, and clitoris.

(b) In men the heart and kidneys supply the essences that stimulate and maintain an erection. When these organs are weak, a full erection cannot be achieved, and the other organs are depleted as they must supply more energy for the sexual act.

4. The glands also supply essential energies to the orgasmic process, especially the pineal, pituitary, and adrenalin glands.

5. Finally, the sexual organ itself becomes aroused, supplying the sexual essence that creates orgasmic energy. An orgasm, then, is comprised of major inner alchemy changes that reflect the best of the body’s internal energies at any given moment.

Daoists believe that when a man and woman join together to make love, their orgasmic energy joins together as well as their the sperm and egg, combining the Universal, Cosmic Particle, and Earthly Forces. (Daoists refer to this process as the Reunion of Heaven and Earth.) The process is so powerful that it can create a new human life, supplying enough of these forces to nourish the fetus in the womb through the nutrients supplied by its mother. Those who do not want children, but still waste their sexual energy through common sexual practices, should consider that such a waste of potential life-force is foolish and unnecessary. People unknowingly deplete themselves of energy in numerous ways, thereby destroying their health. By redirecting sexual energy into the internal organs and glands, they can have the best sex and the most energy to heal and rejuvenate their bodies.

What is the difference between an internal orgasm and an outward orgasm?

Generally, common orgasms are mere pulsations of the genitals which occur only in the genital region. (They are referred to as genital or outward orgasms.) For men, such orgasms are short in duration and cannot be repeated once the seminal fluid is gone. Although a woman’s experience lasts longer, there is not much benefit to her body if her sexual energy is habitually left unattended, only to drain out during menstruation. The loss of Jing Qi (Ching Chi) can affect anyone’s health and sexuality as the depletion of life-force becomes apparent even in one’s external appearance.

An internal orgasm, which leads to a total body orgasm, occurs throughout the entire body (as well as in the genitals). It can be extended in its duration and repeated for hours. By moving the pulsation of the orgasm up to the higher centers of the body, Jing Qi can be retained and the orgasmic sensation increased tenfold. (This also retains the seminal fluid in men.) If one knows how to maintain orgasms for long periods of time, the Universal and Earthly Forces can be activated and combined into a higher bliss, which is a powerful healing energy.

The only reason one should ejaculate or allow the loss of Jing Qi to occur is for the purpose of having children. Unfortunately, people carelessly lose their health in their quest for genital orgasms. Ejaculation causes a brief sensation in which sexual energy is passed out of the body and lost. Women who lose energy are also deprived of true sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Internal orgasms are a healthier and longer lasting approach to sex with no loss of stimulation to the genitals. The sensations actually travel through all of the organs, glands, and nerves, thrilling and revitalizing them with sexual energy.

Why do some religions attack sex, creating a lot of taboos against it?

Some religions attack sex, creating a lot of fear and reaffirming ancient taboos because sexual energy can be a very powerful tool for those who make use of it. Like fire, it can be controlled if used in a proper way. Fire can cook your food, warm your house, and help to provide a comfortable life. If it is misused, however, it can burn down your house and kill someone. Another example is water, which can quench our thirst or drown us. The same principle applies to sexual energy, which can benefit anyone’s health. Unfortunately, some religions have condemned it while trying to prevent its misuse, thereby promoting confusion.

Through their practice of celibacy, masters, monks, nuns, and priests learn how to use sexual energy to enhance their virtues and connect with the highest force, or God. By focusing upon God as a means of raising sexual energy up to the higher centers of their bodies, they transform it into virtuous energy, which enhances their spiritual growth (referred to as reunion with God, or the Higher Bliss). This can only occur when sexual energy is conserved and transferred up to the higher centers and the crown to attract the higher force.

Sexual energy is neutral. It should not be judged as good or bad, but it can multiply any positive or negative quality that exists within each us. This same sexual energy, which can create another human being, or enhance one’s spiritual growth, can also increase our negative states if we neglect to recycle it. The purpose of celibacy is simply to avoid the loss of Jing Qi, but celibacy alone does not move Jing Qi up to the higher centers for transformation and reunion with the higher forces. Also, most people find celibacy to be impractical in daily life. Unfortunately, misconceptions about such practices deter them from learning how to properly control and use sexual energy.

Is there any way besides celibacy to conserve Jing Qi and transform it?

In studying the nature of sex, Daoist masters found ways to control and use Jing Qi through Testicle or Ovarian Breathing, the Power Lock, and the Orgasmic Upward Draw. These are sexual practices which redirect Jing Qi upward into the body, rather than outward. These methods can be learned without having to go through the isolation of celibacy.

How does sexual energy relate to violence in our society?

When people learn to conserve their sexual energy, they begin to love, conserve, and protect nature. When they lose too much Jing Qi through common sexual practices, or through drugs, alcohol, and smoking, humans can become progressively destructive. In their constant search for sensorial excitement through fast sex and addictive substances, some people become violent without reason or concern for their environment.

It is interesting to note that most businesses in the world try to appeal to us by overwhelming our senses with sexual information. They try to attract our attention by promoting interest in the common sexual orgasm. Unfortunately, society and the business world follow the common misconception that sex was intended to release pent up energies and emotions. The truth is that sex is a means of building up the energies that the body needs. Sexual desire is not really a search for release, but often it is a search for new sources of energy to replenish lost Jing Qi.

When too much sexual energy is lost, the brain and sensory organs become empty. Then people unconsciously seek other sources to fulfill their desires for stimulation. They desire more orgasmic pleasures because they are so used to passing Jing Qi out of their bodies that their need for internal energy becomes desperate. In searching to fulfill their internal needs, they actually drain themselves more by relying upon old sexual habits. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol also offer the kinds of stimulation (like false orgasms) that further deplete the body of energy. These substances, therefore, become addictive as they weaken the body and mind. The more energy that is lost, the more the body must replace to achieve high levels of stimulation. When people smoke, drink, or take drugs, their desires for stimulation possess them more as their energies decrease.

The Daoists suggest that this state is like a little death, a self-destruction through over-stimulation of the senses, with vital energies pouring out. Destructive attitudes gradually increase as these people try to replace Jing Qi through means that further drain them. This is often the cause of violence, rape, and murder as the search for sexual energy becomes obsessive. Once the body is in this state, the subconscious mind carries the destruction further. Its tendency is to destroy itself and everything around it.

Besides the problems of lust, anger, and violence, there are other attitudes that are related to greed and obsession. Daoists say, You can own anything, but don’t let anything own you. Money can stimulate you through the power it offers, but if you allow money to take up all your time and energy, it will also begin to take over your life. Such problems occur because we lose so much sexual energy in our daily lives that we have little or no control over our bodies and minds. For this reason many religions fear sex and warn their followers to beware of its potential destructiveness. The problem is that they do not give their followers some means of controlling this powerful energy. Many will suggest celibacy, suppression, or restrictions, and thereby promote confusion about the bad effects of sex. Such suppression often has a reverse effect. If you withhold emotions for too long, they eventually explode outward at some unexpected moment, causing a great disturbance. Similarly, a sexually deprived person may create a great disturbance when the hold is finally lost on his or her sexual energy.

 Some religious taboos cannot protect society from misuses of sexual energy, but education can help society to protect itself. Daoism educates people about true sexual health and how it can enhance the most pleasurable sensations without draining the body’s vital energies. The Daoist methods do not promote any negativity and have been proven effective by centuries of testing. They are also an effective way to enhance the virtue energies. Although masters, monks, nuns, and priests store Jing Qi through celibacy, the same effects can be achieved with orgasms through sex as long as Jing Qi is not passed out of the body.

What are the nine types of orgasms?

Nei Jing Tu

Taoists classify the Total Body Orgasm into nine different types. You can experience them with a partner or by yourself.



1. The Orgasm of the Brain
During sex, when you or your sex partner feel close to the point of orgasm, relax long enough to regain control of your sexual energy. (Men should remember not to become stimulated beyond 90 percent of their capacity; otherwise they may lose the seminal fluid.) Maintain your control by using mental power and contractions of the sex organ. Mentally guide the orgasm up the spine to the brain, then spiral the energy in your brain using your mind and eyes. You will feel the orgasm within your head.

Turn your eyes upward to the North Star and the Big Dipper. When you are at the peak of the brain orgasm, the energy will automatically attract and combine the Universal and Earthly Forces into a Heavenly Bliss. Draw in and spiral this energy in your head.

Sometimes an orgasm of the brain is very difficult to explain with words. Some people feel like they are walking on air; the whole body flows, and the head seems open. Rest, and enjoy this higher orgasm with your partner or by yourself. After you and your partner have experienced brain orgasms, rest, coordinate your breathing, and circulate the energy in your respective Microcosmic Orbits together.

2. The Orgasm of the Senses
Start the arousal process again. When you feel the orgasmic energy rise, bring it up into the sensory organs. You can emphasize any particular sense by focusing on its organ, such as the eyes. Enhance the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin by drawing orgasmic energy into them.
NOTE: Upon experiencing an orgasm of the senses, many people give up smoking, drinking, taking drugs, and other bad habits because foreign substances that drain the life force can no longer fulfill the senses.

3. The Kidneys’ Orgasm
When the energy of the organs builds up in the sexual center, regain control, rest, and guide the orgasm up to the kidneys, using your mind to spiral the Jing Qi around them. Try to feel the kidney’s emotional quality of gentleness as it becomes enriched by the orgasmic energy.

4. The Liver’s Orgasm
After each draw, rest as you mentally guide the energy upward. (This can be the fourth draw). Bring the energy up into the liver, and feel the orgasm there. Concentrate on the feeling of kindness; otherwise, anger may be produced. Use your mind, relax, and spiral the energy around the liver. Feel the kindness energy expand.

5. The Spleen’s Orgasm
Using your mind’s eye, guide the orgasm to the spleen and allow it to enhance the feelings of openness and fairness. The negative feeling to avoid here is worry.

6. The Lungs’ Orgasm
Use your mind, guide the energy upward, wrap it around your lungs, and allow it to nurture the feeling of courage; otherwise, sadness or depression may result.

7. The Heart’s Orgasm
This orgasm constitutes what we know as making love. When two people love each other, their combined energies enhance the feeling. As love is produced within each of them, their exchange and circulation of this emotional energy causes it to accrue in the same manner as Jing Qi. The negative side of this is that someone who wants to hurt people can accumulate the emotions of hatred, anger, and frustration in a similar way. This is why it is said that sexual energy can enhance anything, including negativity, which is what our religions fear.

NOTE: Up to this point, all orgasms have been related to physical sex. When you experience all these orgasms and combine them together, the result is called a Total Body orgasm. The longer you practice, the longer this orgasm will last. All the organs, glands, senses, and every bodily cell feels the orgasmic energy at this stage. This is different from the orgasms felt by the individual organs and more advanced. When you reach this point, just be aware of the orgasmic energy at the sexual center and let it flow up to where it needs to go.

8. The Soul Orgasm (Out-of-Body Orgasm)
As both partners develop their soul bodies, the orgasmic energy can eventually be transferred into them and circulated. Upon transferring this energy, both soul bodies should be projected out and merged. (One’s partner should be at the same level of expertise to achieve this.) Both partners project the orgasm to each other through these bodies and exchange their energies in the space above them (the lower mid-plane). At this level, one feels an entirely different orgasm which lasts a very long time.

9. The Spirit Orgasm
At this point, both partners should have the ability to develop their spiritual bodies for the exchange of orgasmic energy to occur at the next level, which is the higher mid-plane. They will project their spirit bodies and the orgasm energy out and merge them together as they did with their soul bodies. The orgasmic spiritual energy has the power to absorb the Universal Force, and when it returns, it thereby increases the life-force tremendously.


[Mantak Chia, world-famous Inner Alchemy and Qigong Master, founded the Universal Healing Tao System in 1979. He has taught and certified tens of thousands of students and instructors from all over the world. He is the director of the Tao Garden Integrative Medicine Health Spa and Resort training center in Northern Thailand.]

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