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Food Recipes for Flu or Cold

Flu, cold or influenza is a common infectious disease in the winter season. Each year about 20-30,000 people die of flu-related health complications in the U.S. Here we share two food recipes for prevention and treatment of flu-related symptoms. Hopefully you will benefit from the simple but powerful traditional Chinese medicine recipes.

1. Scallion-Ginger Congee (Soup)


7 pieces white stems of scallion

6 grams raw ginger root

60 grams (1-11/4 cups) brown or sweet rice

1 gram (1 tsp) rice vinegar

3 grams (3 tsp) salt

Method:  (a) Remove the skin of ginger root, wash thoroughly, slice into small pieces; (b) Clean the scallion stems with water, and chop into small pieces; (c) Wash sweet rice with water, mix with ginger root in a cook pot with appropriate amount of water (15-20 times the amount of rice), depending upon how thick you prefer), apply a mild fire to cook it into conge(soup); then add scallion stems, salt and rice vinegar to desired flavor, a few more minutes of cooking, the scallion-ginger conge is ready to serve.


2. Walnut-Ginger-Scallion Tea


25 grams (1/2 cup) shelled walnuts

25 grams (1/2 cup) scallion stems

25 grams (1/2 cup) ginger root

15 grams (1/3 cup) tea leaves

Methods: (a) Clean scallion stems, ginger root and tea leaves separately with water; (b) grind walnuts, scallions and ginger root together into small pieces, put in ceramic pottery with tea, add water to boil with moderate fire for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain liquid into cup, it’s ready to serve.

Function: Eliminate viruses and get rid of colds; develop sweat and reduce fever. If sleeping with thick blanket after drinking the tea, you could get more sweating, which will help relieve the symptoms, or even completely recover.

[Selected from Su Guanqun (ed.). Food Therapies for Common Diseases. Beijing: Ancient Works in Chinese Medicine Publisher. 2005. Translated by Kevin Chen]


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