Where energy come from during Bigu manifestation

Where the Energy Come from during Bigu Manifestation?


Kevin W CHEN, Ph.D.

The Bigu manifestation, also known as energetic fasting, cut-off grain, or stop grain-eating, is a unique Daoist practice and wellness technique.  It literally means avoiding grain, or not eat grain, but the use of other methods and techniques to obtain energy, so as to achieve the purpose of detoxification, purification, calming qi and mind, and prolong life. However,strictly speaking, Bigu manifestation does not necessarily mean not eating anything, let alone fasting or starving. During the period of Bigu Daoist practitioners may eat a small amount of fresh fruit or vegetable soup. Bigu is often called fasting in the West, although fasting is not the same thing as Bigu.

In most of the Bigu camps or workshops, students are asked to avoid eating as much as possible, live on light and qi, and drink only water or qi tonic soup. The big difference between Bigu and simple fasting is that during Bigu manifestation the practitioner does not feel hungry or starved, but live a normal life by obtaining energy through alternative sources other than food. Ordinary person often has a question: man survives with basic food supplies; where does the body get the energy it needs without eating anything during the Bigu period? In order to help more people understand the nature of human life and debunk the myth of the Bigu practice, here I would like to briefly summarize several known sources of energy during Bigu or no-eating period, so that more people will try Bigu manifestation and benefit from this ancient wellness practice.

A. Switch between Glucose and Fatty-acid metabolisms

As we all know, human life relies mainly on glucose metabolism, which is produced by carbohydrates in our food to provide basic energy, as well as moderate amounts of protein and fat. After 2 days of Bigu or fasting, the glucose in the body is exhausted and the fatty acid metabolism starts naturally, which is the true state of fasting. Human beings have learned to switch freely between glucose metabolism and fatty acid metabolism in the long-term survival competition with nature. Normally, the body has two main sources of fuel, fat and carbohydrates.

Due to natural and evolutionary factors, in early period human energy supply was not sustainable, especially during the hunting period. It’s more like a gluttony pattern. So body leared to burn whatever you could get, use fat and carbohydrate fuels at any time and switch between them.  Then, what determines our metabolism to switch between fat and sugar? It’s insulin. Insulin is an anabolic hormone, which plays an important role in glucose and lipid metabolism switch. In a healthy state with normal insulin metabolism, humans can efficiently switch from fat metabolism to carbohydrate metabolism, and vice versa.

The Physiological Effects of Fasting

In modern society, people have been accustomed to the life mode of having food every day or even three meals a day, less and less use of fatty acid metabolism, which cause the function of insulin anabolism hormone decrease rapidly. In the early stages of fasting, without normal carbohydrates or glucose, the body will instinctively initiate a stress response, including eliminating useless and energy-consuming factors and cells (detoxification); Autophagy can become particularly intense (in this case, the cell uses its internal resources, such as cellular waste, including disease-causing bacteria, to produce energy; which stimulates the immune system to regroup); The phagocytosis of white blood cells increases (so the number of white blood cells increases significantly during fasting and immunity increases).

After 2-3 days of Bigu or fasting, the body will naturally start fatty-acid metabolism gradually; Fatty-acid metabolism works like this: Fat is transported through the blood to the liver, where it is cut and metabolized for further energy. Therefore, during the period of fasting, the order of fat metabolism is: first, blood lipids – visceral fat – subcutaneous fat – protein, including blood and viscera tissues in all kinds of garbage are raw materials for energy conversion. So the first to reduce fat, and first reduce belly. (Harriset al. 2018)

B. When Qi is full no desire for food

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Daoism, there is the theory “when essence is full no desire for sex; when Qi is full no desire for food; when spirit is full no desire for sleep”. The essence, qi and spirit are the fundamental substance in a person’s overall life state. It refers to the Bigu state saying “when qi is full no desire for food.”  Here Qi is not air, but rather a general Daoist term for life energy – qi (炁).

Qi is the subtle substances or energy necessary to maintain life activities in the human body and drive the functioning of viscera and tissues. It is not only the name of subtle matter, but also the performance of body function. Qi has important functions in the human body, such as getting rid of the old and bringing forth the new, warming the viscera, defending against external evil, strengthening and nourishing the essence and transforming nutrition. “Life depends on it.” When Qi is flowing smoothly in the body, such as ring without end, the human body becomes healthy without disease. Bigu was originally a natural state in Taoist cultivation. Through repeated practice of refining essence into qi and refining blood into qi, the human body is full of qi and blood, so there is no need to eat.  And it probably doesn’t feel good either if eating with full of qi.

Exchange Qi with Trees

The state of “full of qi without desire for food” corresponds to the high stage of Daoist’s 100-day accumulating foundation. Qi will eventually turn lust into vibration, opening a channel for direct communication with cosmic energy — the so-called “Qi gathering” stage. This practice can achieve the effect of no desire for food in the form of qi energy. In ancient times, there was a saying that people ccould gulp Qi without eating. The related works was unearthed in the literature of West-Han tomb from Changsha Ma-wang-dui,

In our Bigu workshop, we will teach and practice the main techniques of gulping-qi Bigu, including the methods of turtle breathing, fetal breathing, and honoring the Sun, all of which can quickly open up qi channel, and supply the body with qi energy during Bigu manifestation. After completing qigong and gulping qi techniques as required, hunger will be relieved or disappear.

C. Modern Physics: Energy and the Speed of light

Einstein had a famous equation for mass and energy: E = MC2; That is, energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. “From the perspective of narrative relativity theory, mass and energy are different forms of the same thing.” This equation tells us that even objects at resting status have their own inherent energy; Mass or matter can be converted into pure energy; Energy is not just energy, it can be converted into mass.

Einstein also had another famous formula for mass:  

If mass is moving faster than the speed of light, which means that V is greater than C, then V over C becomes a number greater than 1. So the inside of the square root becomes negative. The negative of the square root is called i in mathematics.

What is i here? When we were learning function there is Z = X + Yi, the imaginary part i is the error or unexplained portion. We have been studying the real components, few studies have imaginary part. However, in the wave function of light, optical way of radio waves, is expressed by the i.  This gives us a revelation, when objects move beyond the speed of light, basically all matters become energy wave.

Have you noticed that? There is one thing that is faster-than-light, and that is our minds or consciousness. It takes eight minutes for the sun light to reach the earth; but when we think of the sun light, it gets there right away, and that’s our mind wave, which itself is a faster-than-light cosmic energy wave. In  fact the universe is full of faster-than-light cosmic energy waves. When we focus on a particular thoughts, a consciousness with a certain frequency of superluminal produce resonant-frequency cosmic energy wave,. We may slow it down with intention, and take it the form in our inside space by energy and matter, in which we could get the cosmic energy.  That is how we can gain energy completely through cosmic energy without eating solid food.  This is what we mean that during Bigu manifestation, the energy can be obtained by an (faster-than-light) thought or idea. In qigong and meditation, we are practicing the use of the faster-than-light cosmic energy waves in consciousness to drain the essence of the universe.

D. Quantum Mechanics: Frequency is Energy, and Resonance Energy!

The father of quantum mechanics, Bohr’s quantum theory is based on Planck’s quantum theory and Einstein’s photon theory. Planck quantized energy; Bohr’s quantization theory quantized angular momentum.

Modern physics, on the other hand, has proved that all solids (matter) in our world are made up of spinning particles. These particles vibrate at different frequencies; The different vibration frequencies and speeds of particles make our world look colorful. The same is true of our bodies. Scientists have measured the frequency at which the body vibrates in different physiques and moods.

Planck’s greatest contribution was to put forward the quantum theory of energy in 1900, which mainly includes: The black body is composed of oscillator with different frequency for simple harmonic vibration,. The absorption and emission of electromagnetic wave is not continuous, but with a minimum energy unit ε= , as the most basic unit and change. The theoretical calculation results can be consistent with the experimental fact, such an energyε, called energy quantum. Where V is the frequency of radiating electromagnetic waves, h = 6.62559*10^-34Js, namely Planck constant. That is, every possible state of the oscillator and the energy difference between them must be an integer multiple of HV. In other words, Planck proposed that, at the quantum level, energy is essentially the frequency (multiplied by a constant)!

We know that human life exists in two different worlds at the same time: the higher (higher dimensional) spiritual world and the materialized (lower dimensional) physical world, in which people are both physical and spiritual. However, the spiritual world and the physical world are not irrelevant, for matter is energy, and both form and form are constantly vibrating energy. The difference between the two is that they vibrate at different frequencies, resulting in different matter of different consciousness or form. Those with high vibration frequencies become invisible substances, such as human thoughts, feelings and consciousness; Those with low vibration frequencies become tangible objects, such as visible tables, chairs, human bodies, etc. Modern physics found that resonance can change low frequency to high frequency: Resonance principle (entrainment) : when two kinds of material energy with different periods meet, the material with strong vibration rhythm will make the weaker side vibrate at the same rate, and the phenomenon of synchronous resonance is formed. In other words, the strong rhythmic vibration is projected onto another object with a corresponding frequency, while the weak rhythmic vibration is stimulated periodically by the corresponding frequency, and thus resonates with the strong object and vibrates.

Dr. Hawkins’ theory of emotion and energy

The famous American physician, Dr. David Hawkins proposed a theory of emotional energy, which has been widely used in the practice of clinical psychiatry and mind-body medicine. Dr. Hawkins emphasized that different emotions cause the body to vibrate at different frequencies, and thus, have different levels of energies. People need to have an energy level of at least 200 to live a healthy life. Any emotion that produces less than 200 units of energy may make a person sick or disorder. The highest energy level in his pyramid of life energy is not the positive emotion like love or joy, but peace, which is the mood state achieved by calming, channeling and letting-go. Using Planck’s quantization of energy, peace can generate so much energy that it could resonate with the Gods or immortal! Because frequency is energy in quantization. In our Bigu workshop, we teach and practice mindful meditation, sitting peacefully while breathing through our skin, on one hand, absorbing energy directly from air, and on other hand, allowing ourselves to enter a peaceful, calm and high energy state, so that we can live and work normally without food… . The grand-master Dharma who faced the wall in crave meditating for nine years without eating; the modern Indian yoga master who did not eat or drink for 70 years, and the report of scientists who followed the yogi master in hospital for 15 days, all demonstrated that the peaceful mood and life state itself can provide the basic energy needed by the body.

Australian author Jasmuheen is one of the world’s best known and most active guider for Breatharianism. She has been a breatharianism since 1993 and has since become a pioneer in the field of bio-energy research. Her book, “Living on Light” offers the possibility of life maintained by the Universal Life Force (Prana). Some saints and sages have done this before, but now the time has come, when everyone can do this for themselves. Jasmuheen has not eaten any food for 5 years. This book describes how this came to her and a special 21-day process to convert the body to the new way of being sustained. It explains in details from a metaphysical view, how the body works and methods for self-healing, regeneration and rejuvenation. It is not necessary to have a certain religion or belief system to do the process. The process is at least a way to listen and connect with the inner voice.

So far, more than 20 spiritual books have been published by Jasmuheen, which are represented by the “Breatharianism Trilogy”: Food of the Gods, The Prana Course, and Resonance with the Gods. In Resonance with the Gods she focuses on the connection between two worlds: ether and matter, science and religion, East and West. Two seemingly extreme worlds are constructed through energy and resonance, thus creating a personal work model for the real world. This model and attitude not only respects all, but also enables our personal growth and progress through our inner divinity and energy.

In other words, Bigu is not simply stop eating, but a clearing, shutting-down, and restarting of our life complex. It is a conversation with our body and soul. It is a beneficial attempt for us to change from low-level life forms that absorb energy from food to higher-level life forms that attract natural resources and absorb qi. Both traditional Chinese civilization and modern science have proved that people can live well without eating solid food as long as they learn other methods and techniques to obtain energy..

In order to help those who are interested in Bigu practice, cultivating health and reducing the risk of COVID-19, we will offer a series of Bigu workshops online three times a year.  The next onnline Bigu workshop is scheduled for July 7 to 10 this year, a weekend that fit most people’s schedule.  Dr. Chen will share with you his 23-years study and practice of Daoist Bigu and TCM wellness practice. You may find out more details from the following post:


If you are interested in taking part in the Bigu workshop in July, you may register online directly from the following link:

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