Earthing – the Most Important Health Discovery

Earthing— the Most Important Health Discovery Ever!


        Every day, try walking, sitting or lying barefoot on the ground for half an hour, can effectively relieve common ailments such as PMS, cancer, arthritis, back pain, indigestion, jet lag and chronic fatigue. All you must do is go outside and let your bare feet touch the ground. Half an hour and you’ll feel better. When the body is relaxed, the light bulb in the head will also light up.

        All this time, we have been living on the Earth, but our way of life has been unknowingly cut off from the Earths boundless healing energy beneath our feet. This energy is always there, never far away, just waiting for you to capture it.

Electric Earth and Electric You

Why walk barefoot on the beach, the soothing effect of this activity is brought about by the vagus nerve stimulation. Why is it that you always feel refreshed and energetic after going outdoors? This is because we live on an electrically charged planet and live an electrically charged life — the heart, brain, muscles, nervous system and immune system are all dynamic electrical circuits. EARTHING is to allow the weak current on the surface to meet the physiological current of the human body, so that the human body can restore electrical balance and return to the most natural charged state. Really live a life without getting sick.

About 80% of diseases are associated with chronic inflammation, internal potential imbalance is the main cause of body inflammation, disease, pain, is a sign of electron deficiency. Grounding allows the body to quickly absorb electrons from nature, release excess electric charges in the body, and restore the balance of the bodies electric field, eliminating free radicals that cause chronic inflammation, cancer and many diseases. The earth is a powerful antioxidant, but also the healing source of all diseases!

What is grounding or Earthing?

        As the name implies, grounding means direct body contact with the Earth. Most shoes are insulated and do not allow connection to the Earth. High-rising buildings keep us even further away from the Earths’ energy

       We know that the energy of the Sun is important and good for the body, in fact, the energy of the Earth is also energetic, and very beneficial to health.

        When we come into direct contact with the ground, the body receives a surge of “energy” that has important effects on sleep, physical and mental state, and autoimmune function.

        Since ancient times, humans have walked barefoot, worked in the fields, and been in close contact with the land, naturally receiving the energy of the land.  But now, most of us live indoors. We live upstairs, we sleep in beds, plastics, synthetics, asphalt, tar, vinyl, prevents us from having direct contact with the ground.

        Even when we do go outside, our shoes and tarmac prevent us from connecting with the ground.

        The forced isolation from the ground, the lack of direct contact with the ground, may well be the cause of some of our modern diseases.

        It can be as simple as taking off your shoes, walking outside, returning to nature, absorbing the energy of the earth, and experiencing the healing power of “grounding”! 

        In their book of 2010 “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever” authors Clinton Ober, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, and Martin Zucker discuss the phenomenon of Earthing otherwise known as Grounding. The book was a 2011 Nautilus Book Award winner!

        Earthing is a revolutionary method of balancing oneself by reconnecting with the earth’s electrical potential. Earthing introduces the planet’s powerful, amazing, and overlooked natural healing energy and how people anywhere can readily connect to it.

Earthing helps preventing sickness

In modern civilization we wear comfortable insulated rubber shoes and sleep on soft beds above the ground, far away from the natural source of healing energy, so that the body’s inflammatory response gradually evolved into chronic inflammation, causing all kinds of diseases, even cancer and tumors. In fact, barefoot on the natural ground, or with a grounding sheet or mat connected to the ground through a grounded socket or outdoor ground rod, you can easily stay away from the various diseases and cancers with anti-aging effects. Earth is the most primitive and ultimate green energy. Grounding can bring many benefits to human body, including:

◎ Reduces inflammation symptoms quickly

◎ Quick relief or elimination of chronic pain

◎ Improve blood circulation and provide important oxygen and nutrients to cells and body tissues

◎ Reduce stress

◎ Improve vitality

◎ Increase cancer survival

◎ Improve sleep quality

◎ Accelerates post-injury and postoperative healing

How to do Earthing?

        Day or night, indoors or outdoors, the earth’s electricity is waiting for you. Just take off your shoes and socks:

◎ Barefoot, step on the dirt, red brick, cement (except asphalt), in the sand and other wet mud is the best effect.

◎ Sit directly on the ground (or a chair) and place your feet firmly on the ground (dirt, red brick, concrete) so that your bare-feet are directly touching the ground.

◎ Any part of your body (such as your hands, arms, legs, etc.) that touches the ground can also receive energy from the earth beneath your feet.

◎ If you want to improve the grounding efficiency, you can spray the soil or grass wet to improve the electrical conductivity; Then put your feet on the ground and sit there for thirty to forty minutes. It is best to ground two or three times a day.

◎ Wear grounding shoes, shoes made with semi-conductive soles,

◎ Use other grounded products, such as grounded bed sheets, grounding pads, grounding yoga mat, etc.

Successful Stories of Earthing

  • In the Tour de France from 2003 to 2005 and again in 2007, Team USA bike riders grounded at the end of each day and reported improved sleep, a sharp reduction in illness, almost no tendinitis, a remarkable recovery rate at the end of each day and much faster recovery from injuries.
  • Massage therapist Karen has suffered from severe insomnia for 22 years and can only sleep two to three hours a night. She had severe arthritis and muscle contracture in her right hip, which caused swelling in her ankle and limited movement. At one point, she weighed 110kg. From May 2011 to October 2013, she slept four to eight hours almost every night and lost 18 kilograms.
  • A patient in Alaska was paralyzed from the lower part of his body by an accident 25 years ago. After being injured, his feet had been unable to move. One patient who was due to have joint replacement surgery on both knees was able to go out for a bike ride after cancelling his appointment because of the reduced pain in his joints after being earthed.
  • A little Indian girl was very ill with scarlet fever. Her grandfather dug a big hole in the ground and put the little girl into it. The girl was unconscious for most of the time, but after a few days her condition improved. Her mother used to tell her to take off her shoes. “That stuff makes you sick,” she said.
  • There is an old woman who is nearly a hundred years old. Her teeth are still intact, and her eyesight and expression have not deteriorated. She lived in the country, moving barefoot from field to house, and sleeping at night on animal skins in an old African hut. She refuses to sleep in a bed, and whenever her grandchildren buy one for her, she always resends it to someone else…

The Earth is the eternal guardian of life, repairing the body’s antioxidant system and fighting free radicals. Let’s embrace the Earth by grounding and connecting with more energy and balance.

Key References:

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About the Author:

Dr. Kevin Chen is an Associate Professor at the Center for Integrative Medicine at University of Maryland Baltimore. A certified instructor of medical Qigong, Dr. Chen is also a NIH-funded researcher in clinical studies of qigong therapy for arthritis and for addiction. He is the associate editor for the college textbook “Chinese Medical Qigong”, and the elected executive council members and the deputy secretary of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong (Headquartered in Beijing). Dr. Chen has been a disciple for a few well-known Daoist masters, and has taught Qigong and Energy Fasting (Bigu) in the U.S. for 20+ years.

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