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Traditional Chinese Medicine Organ Times and Meridian System

Traditional Chinese Medicine Organ Times and Meridian System –-Their Applications in Health and Wellness Practice An Overview The meridian system is a key concept of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), but understandings of the energetic body are shared by many cultures. It … Continue reading

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Qigong For Veterans

Qigong For Veterans      Dr. Effie Chow is trying to start free nationwide wellness programs for veterans, and also teach interested veterans a new vocation.  This program requires no special clothing, equipment or space and so is easily implemented … Continue reading

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Illuminating the Dao

Spirit-Mind Unity, Harmony and Wellness By Michelle Wood I met up with an acupuncturist friend at an Asian festival recently where a few of us were offering demonstrations in qigong and taiji. As often happens when qigong and taiji instructors … Continue reading

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