Proverbs of Yang-Sheng 养生格言

Chinese Proverbs on Positivity and Health

Smile a smile and you will look ten years younger.
Worry a worry and you will gain more grey hair.


  • One smile exiles the worrisome;
  • Two smiles diminish the anger;
  • Three smiles end the regret;
  • Four smiles banish the sick devil;
  • Five smiles keep you youth;
  • Six smiles lead you happy and free…

A frequently-smiling face keeps all diseases away;
A wider house and a wider land is not as good as a wider mind.

Three smiles a day keep you feeling younger
Three worries a day lead you becoming older.

Anger accelerates the age, while joy returns your youth.

Happiness limits anger while not limiting longevity.

High rank is not as good as high salary
High salary is not as good as high life (longevity)
High life is not as good as high mood (happiness)


[Complied and translated by Kevin Chen, with editing by Tina Zhang]


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