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Overview of Best Practices in Taiji

From the Master Overview of Best Practices in Taiji by © Yang Yang 事半功倍: shi ban gong bei If you study something—anything—in an efficient way, you can learn it in a fraction of the time.   (-Chinese Proverb, literally “half the … Continue reading

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Proverbs of Yang-Sheng 养生格言

Chinese Proverbs on Positivity and Health 笑一笑,十年少;愁一愁,白了头。 Smile a smile and you will look ten years younger. Worry a worry and you will gain more grey hair. 一笑烦恼跑,二笑怒气消,三笑憾事了,四笑病魔逃,五笑人不老,六笑乐逍遥 One smile exiles the worrisome; Two smiles diminish the anger; Three smiles … Continue reading

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