Cultivating The Mind – Meditation: The Priority of Yang Xin Mood, Food and Move – Three Secrets Part II

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Meditation: The Priority of Yang Xin

Mood, Food and Move – Three Secrets Part II

Shiuan Gee

As we know, happiness is important thing in Yang Xin (mind). But if we are excessively happy is that all right? Over-happiness means the person is too excited. In that moment, his or her blood pressure easily rises too high. From ancient times until today, there are many examples of people who were over-happy had a stroke or died.

“ Fan Jin zhong Ju” is one of those old Chinese stories. A village man who was over forty years old studied very hard for twenty years. He took the government examination and received the highest grade. He was so excited because he thought on that day he would become a government official, and be the most important man in the village.

Unfortunately his dream never came true because he was out of his mind being excessively happy.

A real American story just happened a few weeks ago. A prisoner who had been in jail for many years was released early for some reason. He was so happy he became too excited, and had to go to the emergency room soon after he went home.

These stories tell us that when we encounter a special event in our life, we should take control of our emotions. Not too angry, not too happy.  Sometimes we need to be calm. How can I calm in the exciting moment? We should learn.  We should meditate.

 Meditation will teach us how to be calm; meditation will cultivate us to become wise men; meditation will bring peace of mind; meditation can raise good Qi in your body, and push bad Qi down and out.   Meditation also can regulate our endocrine system and allow normal blood circulation.  For all of the above, meditation is the priority of Yang Xin.

welcome expressionBut only a small number people practice meditation.  Most people chose chemical medications, even for very slight tiny problems. For example aspirin, pain killer etc. We already know that many people, including some celebrities have died by taking certain pain killers. But many people are still dependent on those medicines. They do not do meditation. Why? They think it’s easy to take medicine. Another main reason they do not do meditation is because they say they do not have time.  Sure, we all are busy.  Our modern society has a “big-bang” of information, information overload, and people are very busy every day, even every minute. We are busy working for money; busy studying for the future; busy dating; busy playing. Especially, we are busy on the internet, on video games, on iPhones. Information, information, it still is information.

The thousands of millions of bits of information falling down from the sky every moment surround us and submerge us.  They steal our time, and steal our health. If we cannot control ourselves, we will die in the boundless sea of information.  For this main reason – we do not want an early death – we should get away from those things for a little while each day and make time and space for ourselves by meditating.

 How can I do this? Yes, you always can find the time and place if you think that meditation is the most important thing in your health life. You can chose time during your lunch break, or late in the evening. The best time is before you sleep; allow 30 minutes for meditation. First sit comfortably, and breathe deeply. Then put away any distractions: stocks, insurances, car and house, lover and enemy, any sad and happy feelings. Empty your mind and feel the natural world.  If you can’t do this every day, three times a week is also good. You will feel different: bright, clear and happy, because you cleanse your mind and body through meditation.  For people to become completely healthy, only doing meditation is not enough. It will be beneficial to to exercise at least three times a week.

Image courtesy of ponsuwan/

Image courtesy of ponsuwan/

Because meditation and activities combine stillness and movement, they are interdependent and complement each other.  Life means movement. If someone sits all day long and seldom moves, he or she will become old and feeble faster, with the possible result that they will die earlier. We must avoid letting that happen and use any free time to do exercises, join any healthy activities. We will get a great deal of benefit from the movements.

I will talk about “move” in another article.

Shiuan Gee

Shiuan Gee

Shiuan Gee, Author, Former Journalist and Editor of “Health and Life” Chinese Newspaper. Book: Philosophy Prose Collection  “Thoughts on Life”; Documentary literature: “The Night of New Orleans”. Nonfiction: The Report of the Mainland China Intellectuals’ Sex Life. Novel:“The little Sparrow Flew away”. Also as an Amateur Health food cooking chef and Gourmet, she is writing a Dietotherapy book: “Amazing Food—Health Diet 101”, “How to get Benefits from Your Daily Diet?”


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