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Proprioception and Kinesthetic Sense

Proprioception and Kinesthetic Sense by Eric Borreson Proprioception and Taiji Taiji is a great exercise to improve proprioception and kinesthetic sense. During movement of any kind, we are constantly losing our balance and regaining it quickly. The better our ability … Continue reading

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Daoist Cultivation & Behavioral Kinesiology (2)

[Learn about Dao] Daoist Cultivation and Behavioral Kinesiology (Part 2 of 2) by Livia Kohn, Ph.D. (Cont. from March/April  Issue) ENERGY CENTERS The key factor in behavioral kinesiology, as described in detail by John Diamond in a 1979 publication, is … Continue reading

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Daoist Body Cultivation & Behavioral Kinesiology (Pt 1)

[Learn about Dao] Daoist Body Cultivation and Behavioral Kinesiology Part 1 by Livia Kohn, Ph.D. “Every man, woman, and child holds the possibility of physical perfection: it rests with each of us to attain it by personal understanding and effort.” … Continue reading

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