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Daily Daoist — Yin Yang Fast

Yin Yang Fast by Jessica Sommar MSc 夏 洁 希 Seven years ago I injured two of three knee ligaments and was sidelined. I gained weight. Lots of weight. Being a woman in my 40’s and moving into hormonal changes shifted … Continue reading

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Meditation In Motion — Yin & Yang in Taiji

Meditation in Motion Yin and Yang in Taiji by Eric Borreson One of the fundamental principles of taiji is that we start in wuji, or neutral emptiness. As we begin to move, wuji separates into yin and yang, the opposite … Continue reading

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Daoist Body Cultivation & Behavioral Kinesiology (Pt 1)

[Learn about Dao] Daoist Body Cultivation and Behavioral Kinesiology Part 1 by Livia Kohn, Ph.D. “Every man, woman, and child holds the possibility of physical perfection: it rests with each of us to attain it by personal understanding and effort.” … Continue reading

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