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Meditation In Motion – Taiji and Meditation

[Meditation in Motion] Taiji and Meditation Eric Borreson Taiji is often discussed as a meditative practice. Meditation does not mean the same thing as relaxation. It does not mean achieving a state of blissful calmness. Meditation is all about intention … Continue reading

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Happiness In Your Life – Metamorphosis

Happiness In Your Life Metamorphosis by Doe Zantamata Personal Metamorphosis is usually triggered by some event in life, often a jarring event that shatters what we thought “the picture” would be- a divorce, a major illness, a death of someone … Continue reading

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Santi Standing: Setting Up and Refining

From the Master Santi Standing: Setting Up and Refining by Yang Yang, Ph.D. Santi Standing is an important part of the wisdom we inherit from Taiji and other Chinese martial art training. It can effectively improve posture, balance, and daily … Continue reading

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