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From The Master – Organizing Daily Practice

Organizing Daily Practice by Yang Yang, Ph. D If you have limited time for your daily Taiji practice, can you still benefit? The answer is yes—if you practice efficiently. This training tip describes how. Most Taiji and Qigong practitioners have … Continue reading

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Is Qigong For You?

Is Qigong For You? by Arthur Rosenfeld If you’ve traveled to China, you’ve likely encountered senior citizens flapping their arms early in the morning in public parks, or perhaps squatting, walking, singing or dancing in groups, twisting waists and wiggling … Continue reading

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Qigong Teachers: Masters or Chinese Knock-offs?

Qigong Teachers: Masters or Chinese Knock-offs? Finding a Qualified Instructor By Christina J. Barea The demand for qigong instruction grows and so does the opportunity for teachers to misrepresent their qualifications. The relative lack of education the general public has on … Continue reading

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