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Wellness Practice in Winter, Nourish the Kidney

Wellness Practice in Winter,Nourish the Kidney First冬季养藏,养肾为先! Winter is the season of kidney. According to “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” (Huangdi Neijing): “The kidney is the foundation of sealed preservation, the place of essence.” Preserving both innate essence and the … Continue reading

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From The Master – Organizing Daily Practice

Organizing Daily Practice by Yang Yang, Ph. D If you have limited time for your daily Taiji practice, can you still benefit? The answer is yes—if you practice efficiently. This training tip describes how. Most Taiji and Qigong practitioners have … Continue reading

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Scientific Qi Exploration-9a

Effects of Qigong on the Nervous System (9a) by Martin Eisen, Ph.D. Introduction Qigong produces physiological effects on the nervous system. To appreciate and understand these effects, some background material on the nervous system is required and will be presented … Continue reading

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