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Book Reviews-Six Healing Sounds Qigong for Children

Six Healing Sounds Qigong for Children by Lisa Spillane Singing Dragon, 2011; Softcover, 24 pages    $14.95 This really a quite wonderful book, written to teach the traditional Six Healing Sounds and the Inner Smile to children. From the book: Lisa … Continue reading

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Energy Healing Through Science & Spirit

Cool Qi Heals by Sifu Cindy Cicero Can cool Chi energy heal? In the past, “Cool Energy” reminded me of my earlier days in defense contract work at Litton Industries. This was a challenging time when technology was all about … Continue reading

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Seasonal Harmony

Seasonal Harmony By Ellasara Kling There are obvious benefits to eating foods that are local to you and in accord with the season you are in. These include freshness, greater availability, more energetic value, supporting your local farmers and so … Continue reading

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Soul Salon

Respond to the “Dow” with the “Dao” Rena M. Rease The Dao De Jing may be the oldest spiritual document known to man. The title translates to “The Way” and it contains 81 short verses that lend insight into the … Continue reading

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Eats Shoots and Leaves Springtime Soup

Eats Shoots and Leaves Springtime Soup By Yuan Wang, Warren Sheir, and Mika Ono While those of you on the East Coast are still digging out from the last snow storm, here in sunny California signs of spring have already … Continue reading

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Tips of Yang Sheng

Medicated Syrups and the Nourishing Life Tradition Henry McCann, DAOM Chinese herbal medicine is a rich tradition that utilizes an incredibly wide range of substances and methods of their administration.  Today the most common way of preparing herbs is in … Continue reading

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Breathing in This Life-The Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

The Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle: A Fountain of Youth? Ginger Garner MPT, ATC It may come as a shock, but you may have hidden inflammation in your body that is causing premature aging and disease. In fact, researchers and health care professionals … Continue reading

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Experience Exchange

An Introduction to the Music TaiChi Class in Montgomery County and University of Maryland By Phoenix Liu, Ph.D. Tai Chi has unique effects of increasing “exercise for the body” and “focus for the mind.” Learning TaiChi can add enjoyment to … Continue reading

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Method to Improve Meditation

Taking Dan-Tian Breathing a Step Further: Hui-Yin Breathing By Ken Andes, L.Ac. When people first come to qigong, they’re often surprised to find out that they’ve been breathing the wrong way for most of their lives. Most people come to … Continue reading

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Echoes of Emptiness (虚之響)-Selected Poetry

Selected Poetry by© Jacob Newell (Daoshi Gu Shen Yu) Since ancient times, Daoists have used poetry and other art forms to express mystical experience, convey teaching, and transmit energy. A Daoist poem arises naturally out of the stillness of an … Continue reading

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