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Seasonal Harmony: Spring – Renewal/Reinvention

[Seasonal Harmony] Spring – Renewal/Reinvention By Ellasara Kling In the very beginning of the Nei Jing, Huang Di inquires of Qi Bo how it is that people do not live (we presume healthfully) to a very old age. In essence, … Continue reading

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Cultivating the mind — Mind Matter Connections

 [The Dancing Doc] Cultivating the Mind – Mind Matter Connections By Sharon Montes, MD “I awoke at the train station. As long as I kept my attention on the present moment I was fine. I became stressed when I turned … Continue reading

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Mind-Body Research Updates

[Research Updates] Mind-Body Medicine Research Updates Compiled by Kevin W Chen, Ph.D.  Meditation Programs for Psychological Stress and Well-being: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. JAMA Intern Med. 2014 Jan 6. By Goyal M, Singh S, Sibinga EM, et al . … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Daoist Practical Journal

  A Daoist Practical Journal: Come Laugh With Me by Michelle Wood I thoroughly enjoyed Shifu Li Chang Dao’s book, and it certainly lived up to the title: it is, indeed, a marvelous journal chronicling the eighteen-year journey of Michael … Continue reading

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Scientific Qi Exploration – The Divergent or Distinct Meridians

  Part 1: The Divergent or Distinct Meridians by Marty Eisen, Ph.D. 1. Introduction (1,2,3,4) The Distinct or Divergent Meridians derive their name from the fact that they diverge from the 12 regular Meridians. They diverge from big joints such … Continue reading

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Self-Healing: Fibromyalgia and Dancing

Fibromyalgia and Dancing by Joyce Del Rosario   Fibromyalgia – what is it? Fibromyalgia is a very common syndrome in which pain is present in joints, tendons, muscles and soft tissues of body, which persists for more than 3 months … Continue reading

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The Way of Wu Wei

[Tales from the Dao]  The Way of Wu Wei by Solala Towler   Wu wei (oo way) is one of the most difficult yet pivotal concepts in Daoist philosophy. Roughly translated, it means “doing nothing.” The true meaning of the … Continue reading

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Life’s Challenges, the Nine Palaces

 [Featured Article] Life’s Challenges, the Nine Palaces By C. Zinnia Maravell, L. Ac, DOM   The Nine Palaces are the nine life challenges that each of us faces. Working with the Nine Palaces gives you a way to help a … Continue reading

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A Simple Taiji Technique to Calm the Mind

  A Simple Taiji Technique to Calm the Mind By Eric Borreson   One of the signature movements of Sun style taiji is the open and close hands. On the surface, it is just a simple movement of the hands. … Continue reading

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My #1 Priority is Nurturing My Spirit

[Experience Exchange] Why My Number One Priority is Nurturing My Spirit  By Raven Cohen When I saw the theme of this month’s issue of Yang-Sheng, it was a happy moment.  Of course when one spends a great deal of time … Continue reading

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