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Seasonal Harmony

Food As Medicine – Seasonal Harmony  By Ellasara Kling Probably the most obvious aspect of Chinese healing arts is the focus on increasing health from the center of who we are. The ongoing movement between internal forces, external influences, general … Continue reading

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The Tai Chi Examiner

Are you practicing Taichi Chuan or Taichi Cao? by Violet Li Recently, I took a random, unscientific survey by asking two dozen Taichi practitioners whether they sometimes feel sensations in their fingers when they practice Taichi. Some of them have … Continue reading

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From the Dancing Doc – Training the Mind

Training the Mind – Dancing One Thought at a Time Sharon Montes, MD “You may return to heal me when you have learned to dance to the music in your heart.” — Ailing Native American healer speaking to a Harvard … Continue reading

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Soul Salon – Streaking for the Soul

Rena Reese The word streaking has a way of titillating us. The fun, the fear and the freedom associated with this act is what lands streaking on the to-do list of countless people every year. There is an aliveness that this … Continue reading

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Seasonal Harmony

Seasonal Harmony by Ellasara Kling An axiom of Chinese medicine is: Prevention is the best cure.  Part of prevention is adapting a healthy lifestyle that includes rest, exercise, and eating appropriately. Now that the warm weather is here, cold drinks … Continue reading

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From the Editor

Welcome to the June issue of Yang Sheng! I recently returned from a journey to the Middle Kingdom and feel recharged and renewed in my interest in healing, both spiritually as well as physically (as soon as my body finishes … Continue reading

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Mind-Body Medicine Research Update

Mind-Body Medicine Research Update Buddhist group therapy for diabetes patients with depressive symptoms.  Arch Psychiatr Nurs. 2011 Jun;25(3): 195-205. by Rungreangkulkij S, Wongtakee W, Thongyot S. Abstract: The objective of this study was to assess the effect of Buddhist group … Continue reading

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10 Spiritual Secrets to Productivity

From CEO’s to entrepreneurs and entertainers to parents all over the globe, we are constantly in search of ways to boost productivity. To put it simply, we want to get more done each day.  For some this goal is rooted … Continue reading

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A Comedy Moment

Daoist Jokes by Alan Sondheim What did one Daoist say to the other? Nothing Why don’t Immortals tell riddles? They don’t know the answers. What did the Immortal tell the mendicant? Nothing How many Daoists does it take to change … Continue reading

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Illuminate the Dao — Be What You Want to See

Be What You Want To See by Michelle Wood This video link in today’s article is an integral part of the theme. I hope you will take about five minutes to watch it before reading the rest of the column. … Continue reading

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