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Qi-Cultivation and Dao

Jing, Qi, Shen in The Journey to the West Jill Gonet, MFA and Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD One of the greatest works in Chinese literature, and in world literature, for that matter, is Wu Cheng-En’s The Journey to the West.  Spanning … Continue reading

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Soul Salon – Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy: Your Renewable Source Rena Reese, MS What are you?  Ask that question of a thousand people and the vast majority will likely respond with their occupation or job.  I am a parent, teacher, lawyer or a whatever-I-do-to-earn-money-and-fill-my-day.  Yet … Continue reading

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A Taiji hedgehog or a Taiji fox?

From The Master A Taiji hedgehog or a Taiji fox? by Yang Yang, Ph.D. You may have heard the Greek story of the hedgehog and the fox. In this story the fox knows many small things whereas the hedgehog knows … Continue reading

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The Level of Shen in Taijiquan

From the Master The Level of Shen in Taijiquan By Chun Man Sit Shen is the highest level in the art of Taijiquan. But one needs not wait for another 20 years to start traveling on this path. All Taiji … Continue reading

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Book Review-The Chi Revolution

The Chi Revolution By Bruce Frantzis $19.95 Softcover 223 pp. Energy Arts, Inc.  CA ( 2008) Bruce Frantzis a well known and respected Taoist, Qigong Master and Teacher of the Internal Martial Arts has written a very clear , inspiring … Continue reading

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Tales from the Dao

“Crazy” Tuanmu Shu Solala Towler Tuanmu Shu had inherited his family fortune, said to be worth ten thousand pieces of gold. He never had to work and lived in a fabulous mansion, surrounded with gardens, lakes, terraces, and pavilions. His … Continue reading

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Seasonal Harmony

Seasonal Harmony by © Ellasara Kling Here it is July and the beginning of Late Summer in the flow of Five Seasons.  What a fabulous time!  Flowers, fruits, vegetables are abundant; the earth is blooming in a big way!  During … Continue reading

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Courage: Getting your fear in gear

Fear pollutes important decisions. It prompts someone to marry another they don’t love out of a fear that they won’t find someone better. Fear keeps people from ending unhealthy or toxic relationships, from finding a life’s work that really jazzes them, starting a business, retiring, or moving to a new city. In caving to our fear we are… Continue reading

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The Taiji Examiner

A simple Tai Chi routine eases Arthritis pain by Violet Li A few months ago, 84-year old Norman Seligman moved into Friendship Village Chesterfield, an upscale retirement home in the St. Louis County, Missouri.  Even though he had no idea … Continue reading

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Echoes of Emptiness (虚之響)-Happiness

Happiness   by © Jacob Newell (Daoshi Gu Shen Yu) In a sense we can consider the goal of meditation to be achieving happiness.  But this view is self-limiting in that it relegates meditation to being a cure for a … Continue reading

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