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Daoist Body Cultivation & Behavioral Kinesiology (Pt 1)

[Learn about Dao] Daoist Body Cultivation and Behavioral Kinesiology Part 1 by Livia Kohn, Ph.D. “Every man, woman, and child holds the possibility of physical perfection: it rests with each of us to attain it by personal understanding and effort.” … Continue reading

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Staying Motivated in a Body/Mind/Spirit Practice

[Ask Dr. Lu] Staying Motivated in a Body/Mind/Spirit Practice by Nan Lu, OMD, L.Ac. Question: I have been practicing Qigong for almost half a year. At the beginning, I was very motivated, but now I feel it’s getting repetitive—I do … Continue reading

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Mind-Body Medicine Research Update (March 2012)

[Research Update] Tai chi and postural stability in patients with Parkinson’s disease. The New England Journal of Medicine.  2012 Feb 9;366(6):511-9. by Li F, Harmer P, Fitzgerald K, Eckstrom E, Stock R, Galver J, Maddalozzo G, Batya SS.  from Oregon … Continue reading

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Echoes of Emptiness (虚之響) – Gongfu

Echoes of Emptiness (虚之響) Gongfu by Jacob Newell (Gu Shen Yu Daoshi) Gongfu (功夫) is a Chinese term which refers to special skill acquired by long, hard practice.  While often equated with martial art, it actually applies equally to any … Continue reading

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Scientific Taijiquan

[Taiji and Science] Scientific Taijiquan by Chun Man Sit   Master Wu Tu Nan (1884 – 1989) In the 1940s, Master Wu Tunan wrote a book called “The Scientific Way of Taijiquan”. Master Wu Tunan learned Taiji from two famous … Continue reading

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Daoist Internal Alchemy: Part 3

[From the Master] Daoist Internal Alchemy: A Deep Language for Communicating with Nature’s Intelligence Part 3 Alchemy Formulas, Qi Field & Language Theory by Michael Winn   The Cauldron as Portal for Communicating with Original Qi The central purpose of … Continue reading

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How Circularity Leads to Smoother Mind-Body Integration

[Movement Exploration] How Circularity Leads to Smoother Mind-Body Integration by Dan Kleiman   When it comes to movement practices like taiji and Qigong, the key to smooth mind-body integration is having more and more circularity in your art. Now, when … Continue reading

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Food Healing: East Meets West

Simple Natural Healing 简单自然疗法 Food Healing: East Meets West By Dr. Aihan Kuhn 爱寒   We frequently hear the saying “You are what you eat.” Even though this is not 100% true, it certainly rings a bell and gets our … Continue reading

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From the Editor: March/April 2012

Welcome to the March-April issue of Yang Sheng! The theme this month is “Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit.” What does it really mean when our body, mind and spirit are integrated? What supports it? Webster defines integrated “as combining Continue reading

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