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From the Editor 编者的话 (07/12)

From the Editor 编者的话 Greetings from Yang-Sheng! Summer is here, and so is all the abundance that Mother Nature provides during the Fire Season. Looking through my window I see the forest thick with growth, birds zipping back and forth … Continue reading

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Hearing of An Immortal

[Tales from the Dao] Hearing of An Immortal (An Excerpt From The Zhuangzi) Submitted by Solala Towler   Daoist texts are full of stories about Immortals. They are said to live for hundreds of years. They are magical beings, able … Continue reading

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Incredible Stress Release: The Ice, Water, Gas Method

[Experience Exchange] The Incredible Stress Release: The Ice, Water, Gas Method by R. Melvin McKenzie Introduction The rejuvenation experienced by your body is accomplished by a daily (or minimum three times a week) commitment to a routine that practically anyone—despite … Continue reading

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Healing Food: Chinese Breakfast Porridge

[The Daily Daoist] Healing Food: Chinese Breakfast Porridge by Jessica Sommar It’s a cool, rainy June morning in the mountains in Massachusetts and a warm breakfast is on my mind. I have a yin belly – meaning my digestion is … Continue reading

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Spirituality In Taiji

[Meditation In Motion] Spirituality in Taiji by Eric Borreson What does spirituality mean in taiji and in everyday life? It has been used in popular literature to mean many things. To many, spiritual means living with our inner selves instead … Continue reading

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Beans, Beans and More Beans!

[Food As Medicine] Beans, Beans and More Beans by Phoenix Liu, Ph.D When I visited a friend recently, he showed me a new program he is using to keep track of the calorie count of his daily intake. This friend … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Food

[Quantum Healing Dr. Lu] The Spirit of Food by Nan Lu It’s a deep question: Why is food medicine? Food is sunlight; it is water and earth in condensed form. The sun, the moon, all the planets and stars—the elements … Continue reading

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Mind Body Medicine Research Update

[Research Update] Mind Body Medicine Research Update Compiled by Kevin W Chen Meditative Therapies For Reducing Anxiety: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis Of Randomized Controlled Trials. Depression and Anxiety, June 14, 2012 pre-publication online. By Chen KW, Berger CC, Manheimer  … Continue reading

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Foods For Late Summer

[Seasonal Harmony] Foods For Late Summer by Ellsara Kling “When internal energies are able to circulate smoothly and freely, and the energy of the mind is not scattered, but is focused and concentrated, illness and disease can be avoided.”  The … Continue reading

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Simple Foods To Nourish Your Blood

[Cycle of Harmony] Simple Foods To Nourish Your Blood by Jing Jin Every Chinese woman knows that one of the biggest secrets to health and beauty is well-nourished blood. When our blood is strong, we tend to have radiant skin, … Continue reading

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