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Mind-Body Medicine Research Update

[Research Update] Mind-Body Medicine Research Update compiled by Dr. Kevin Chen, Ph. D.   The Evolution of Mindfulness-Based Physical Interventions in Breast Cancer Survivors. Evidence Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine. 2012:758641.  By Stan DL, Collins NM, Olsen MM, Croghan I, … Continue reading

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Being Between Heaven And Earth

Being Between Heaven and Earth Debi Dunn Just the other day, a 95 year old qigong student of mine, Maria, approached me after class apologizing for having arrived late.  “You see,” she said, “2pm is my naptime. I have difficulty … Continue reading

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Master YiShi Yang & His Calligraphy on Immortal Living-Massage Method

[Cultivating The Mind] Master YiShi Yang and  His Famous Calligraphy on  Immortal Living-Massage Method by Kevin Chen, Ph.D   神仙起居法 行住坐臥處,手摩脅與肚。 心腹通快時,兩手腸下踞。 踞之徹膀腰,背拳摩腎部。 才覺力倦來,即使家人助。 行之不厭頻,晝夜無窮數。 歲久積功成,漸入神仙路。   Master Yi-Shi Yang (杨凝式) (873–954), also known as Yang Shaoshi (杨少师), was a … Continue reading

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Featured Article

Even though we all have genetic predispositions, our health and aging aren’t predetermined. By making conscious choices in our behavior and where we focus our attention, we can transform our experience of our body to decrease our biological age.

The seven steps outlined below are practical ways to tap into your inner reservoir of unlimited energy, creativity, vitality, and love. Continue reading

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From the Editor

Welcome to the September issue of Yang Sheng! It is my pleasure to introduce this issue as the new editor-in-chief of Yang-Sheng. Many thanks to Solala Towler, for doing a wonderful job as Yang Sheng‘s previous editor-in chief, and for recommended to Kevin Chen that I step into this role. Our theme for this issue is “secrets of longevity.” This subject becomes less academic and more personal, very personal for us, as we grow older. If we like our lives, we want to extend them, to live longer. However, longevity is more than just extending our lives. Continue reading

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Scientific Qi Exploration-9b

Scientific Qi Exploration: Part 9b Qigong and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Martin Eisen, Ph.D 1. Introduction Qigong’s effects on the autonomic nervous system (ANS) will be studied. To understand these research studies, the biochemistry of some neurotransmitters will be discussed … Continue reading

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