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Comedy Moment

“Comedy Moment” Two men meet on the street. One asks the other: “Hi, how are you?” The other replies: “I’m fine, thanks.” “And how’s your son? Is he still unemployed?” “Yes, he is. But he is meditating now.” “Meditating? What’s … Continue reading

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Book Review-Taijiquan

Taijiquan: The Art of Nurturing, The Science of Power by Yang Yang, Ph.D. Hardcover: 219 pages Zhenwu Publications (February 28, 2005) ISBN-10: 0974099007 Review by Rodney J. Owen In preparation for Yang Yang’s Summer Taiji Camp, I decided to re-read … Continue reading

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Book Review-Tai Chi in Your Life

Tai Chi in Your Life- 8 Principles That Can Change Your Life While Learning and Growing with Tai Chi by Dale Napier Softcover ( 179 pages) 2010 Mastersoft  Press, Houston TX  $16.99 ISBN:  978-1439255803 Review written by Sal Casano While … Continue reading

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Echoes of Emptiness (虚之響)-Taiji

Echoes of Emptiness (虚之響) Taiji by Jacob Newell (Daoshi Gu Shen Yu) Taiji (太極) is a Chinese fitness system based on relaxed body alignment and smooth flow of energy. It is also a moving meditation based on the philosophy of … Continue reading

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Scientific Qi Exploration-Qigong and the Lymphatic System

Scientific Qi Exploration Qigong and the Lymphatic System by Martin Eisen, Ph.D. 1.  Lymph The tissues of the body are supplied by minute arterial capillaries, bringing oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to cells by means of fluid, similar to blood plasma, … Continue reading

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Standing Meditation

Experience Exchange Standing Meditation Why Your Slow-Motion Movement Practice is Not Slow Enough by Dan Kleiman   Imagine being on a hike, when you are just about to cross the tree line and you get a glimpse of the trail … Continue reading

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Seasonal Harmony

Seasonal Harmony by Ellasara Kling “The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food.” Hippocrates: Greek physician (circa — 460 BCE … Continue reading

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Diagnosing Heart-Sickness

Healing Through Pleasure Diagnosing Heart-Sickness by Felice Dunas, Ph.D. Sonya fell in love again.  She is in her late 30s now and her body clock is ticking so loudly she mistakes the sound for tinnitus.  While she hopes that this … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Getting More Alpha Waves!

Stress Less The Benefits of Getting More Alpha Waves! by Narij Naik, M.Pharm Our brain produces different brainwaves based on our mood and state of mind during the day. They can be measured using an EEG machine. Brainwave Chart Is … Continue reading

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Transforming Sexual Energy with Water-and-Fire Alchemy

Sexuality and Health Transforming Sexual Energy with Water-and-Fire Alchemy by Michael Winn (excerpt of book chapter from “Daoist Body Cultivation”) My contribution to the book, “Daoist Body Cultivation” is a 30-page chapter on transforming sexual energy that I consider the … Continue reading

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